What are Zombies in Fortnite Called?

What Are the-Zombies in Fortnite-Called

A lot of fuss is going on about the Zombies in the Fortnite Game.But no one exactly can say what are these Zombies that have been roaming around in the world of Fortnite called.

Let’s be precise. There are three different modes in the Fortnite game- Fortnite: Save the WorldFortnite Battle Royale, and Fortnite Creative mode. The zombies in Fortnite are actually called Husks that can be found only in Save the World mode.

A mysterious storm hit the world of Fortnite that gave rise to Husks. These creatures are the reason for mass destruction and have only one aim- to cause deaths and spread chaos. Do you know this tutorial shows how to check ping in Fortnite.

If you are unaware of the Husks, you will fall in great trouble battling them in Fortnite. Saving the world will be the question of later stages. So, why not get a sneak peek of what these creatures are all about before you land in that world. Gamenvoy brings you complete info about the game. Here are all the details about different types of zombies in fortnite before you reach the highest peak.

Types Of Husks Zombies In Fortnite Game:

  1. Husks: Found in most places, these creatures have a resemblance to the famous zombies that we often watch in cinemas. These are actually fellow people whom the mysterious creatures have infected. They possess distinctive character and abilities.
  2. Husky Husk: They are large in size regular husks that roam here and there. Only the difference is the little more damage in their attacks as compared to the normal husks.
  3. Zapper: These creatures are dangerous as their infection can be very lethal if you come near them. They form teams and attacks which makes them very difficult to handle.
  4. Midget: These creatures are very agile as they are even smaller than the regular husks. Moreover, they attack in teams which creates a lot of problems to deal with them.
  5. Beehives: These creatures can be well distinguished in groups as they are larger than most husks due to bee-hives on their head. With this ability, they can manipulate even the bees whose sting can be dangerous to everyone.
  6. Lobber: They attack from a long distance by throwing various kinds of bombs including poison bombs. You have to be very alert and destroy the bombs in the mid-air only to prevent yourself from getting hurt.
  7. Mimic: These creatures are unique. They dwell in loot chests and they only unleash their true powers after dealing with some damages.
  8. Smasher: These big creatures charge like the bulls and smash. Their charge is accompanied by their loud screams that cause chaos to the ones nearby.
  9. Taker: These creatures attack stealthily as they have various abilities up their sleeves. They can fly, phase themselves in the way of partitions, and controlling different other husks.
  10. Elemental Types: Fire, water, and nature- three elemental abilities that this creature possesses. These husks were modified due to radiations which now serve them as their powers.
  11. Sploder: To tackle these husks, melee weapons are the best option. They carry a propane cylinder and use them to attack. Using melee weapons you can return them back whatever they are throwing else you can also destroy the throwable items in the mid-air itself.
  12. Pitcher: These baseball creatures wear uniforms that are cool to look at but don’t just be impressed with their appearance. They throw issues that are generally spectral bones.
  13. Riot Husks: These creatures roam in squads and even have a shield with them made out of scrap. They use it to defend themselves as well as use it as their weapon of attack.
  14. Blaster: The source of the power of these tall husks is the purple part of the storm that makes them very powerful. They destroy their opponents with powerful laser beams which are very harmful in nature.
  15. Mist Monsters: Do not even joke about battling with a mist monster as they are the strongest of the lot. Moreover, they develop as the battle goes on which makes it very hard to handle them.
  16. Flinger: Although they are easy to handle, their main ability lies in throwing their fellow husks towards their opponents. They have glowing arms and these can sometimes be an issue as well.
  17. Storm King: It is the ultimate husk that you can only see once you reach the final stage of the game mode. Full of energy, these husks have huge horns, and taking him down is not easy. You need to locate eth weak spots of the storm king only to be able to defeat him. Attack at the horns which will make it weak and eventually you can kill it easily.