GTA V Download Free For PC

How to Download GTA V free for PC

Grand Theft Auto 5 or GTA V– the most incredible game by Rockstar Games is now free to download for PC.

After being downloaded to over 120 million copies, the epic game is now downloadable for free for a limited period of time.

And, if you are the one of the fan who haven’t got their hands on the freestyle adventure game, it is the best time to  download for free, from EPIC games until 21st may, 2020.The grand theft auto V (GTA 5) premium edition is available for PC for now, at the moment with a $100000 cash bonus that can be used to play the GTA game online.

How To Download GTV Game For Free?

For downloading the GTA V game for free, the users must visit the EPIC game store. Before you can download the game, you need to have an account on the EPIC store itself. Since the game is now free, and many users are trying to download the game, there are continuous crashes, slow response, and errors while signing up for the account and playing the game on the EPIC game launcher.

There might be other 500 errors and other similar errors as well while trying to download the game from the store.

To download the GTA V free game. Here is the Step by Step Process.

1. Make an epic store account which is completely free. And if you have already an account on the store, you can sign in.

Before you can download any game, you have to make sure, your account have 2 factor authentication enabled to enable complete security of the account.

2. After signing in go the to the GTA V section where you have to click the GET button. Immediately you would be navigated to the download section and pop screen appears to launch or download the EPIC game launcher.

3. You need to install the EPIC game launcher (400mb) before you can install the GTA V free game on pc. Then, you can review the game on the left side of library when it starts installing.4. The Game size is 94 GB, so you need to have an broadband plan to download the game.