What does NT means in Valorant?


If you are anew player of Valorant, you must be confused about the short abbreviations or phrases like NT, wondering about their purpose for a long time now. Well, it is not a new phenomenon. Once you get into the gaming world, you will realize that words like NT actually have a lot of appearances similar to other toxic and anger-filled comments. However, NT is quite the opposite!

What Does NT Exactly Mean?

In Valorant, the phrase or abbreviation NT means “Nice Try”. You will often see this phrase pop up in the middle of the game or at the end, delivered by your co-players in the in-game chat, and it’s nothing but a common courtesy that every gamer holds.

While playing Valorant or any multiplayer game, the gaming lexicon can be filled with unwanted toxic comments, especially when you are about to prick your luck, but you end up losing the match! However, to maintain positivity, instead of dooming your proficiency with toxicity, some try to encourage such plays by recognizing the odds and claiming it as indeed a “nice try”. 

Thus, NT is a remark you would want to see in every clutch play that was never played or every round you never won. As you sink in to help your teammates run out of the black hole and bring your enemies down with an expected loss in front of you, a “nice try” would definitely keep your guts up, if not your shots.

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Why Is NT So Common In Valorant?

It is very difficult for players to deliver a complete text when focusing on the game or controlling a match on a PC or console. In such scenarios, abbreviations like NT come in handy as they convey the right message with just a few clicks, making replies quicker. 

Nonetheless, NT is also a way to retain morale upkeep in the gaming world. Instead of rude, negative comments, praising the mate with a “nice try” would definitely boost their morale and help them perform better in the next game. While some grow up with the toxic environment and get a hold of it after years of tangling, some, especially newcomers who give notable efforts, need such mentions to maintain the zone and bring in a favorable gaming experience.

Other Common Terms In Valorant With Their Meaning Are:

Further, you will realize that apart from NT, there are a lot of fixed sets of abbreviations that are commonly used by players in Valorant.  

Some of them are as follows:

WP: well played

GG: good game

Gl: good luck

HF: have fun

EZ: easy

Gh: good half

So next time you see your teammate or a player who could not pull off the best shot of the decade, shoot a text with NT in the chat instead of lashing out unnecessary slang. Life is just unpredictable, so is Volarant! If you don’t give it to others, who knows, you might not have it when you need it the most.