Victoria 2 Cheat Codes and Commands to Play Like a Pro

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Interactive’s  Wild Ride known as Victoria 2 is a Paradox grand strategy game. It runs from 1836 till 1936. So this game takes over right after the run of Napoleon and in the time when the world is undergoing some changes. The game experiences a lot of switching away from monarchies to republics and also the rise of communalism where the Industrial revolution finds a great kickstart.

This game is all about oppressing the native minorities, working-class and in many cases, your people to manage and control your state to establish your supreme power.

To simplify the gameplay for the newbies, we have brought Victoria 2 cheat codes that are either developed by the company developers or third party systems providing bugs to enhance the gaming experience. In this article, Gamenvoy has presented a few Victoria 2 console codes i.e cheat codes for the game.

How to Enter cheat codes in Victoria 2 Game?

Apply the cheat codes in Victoria 2 game by three simple steps below-

  • Press the` (grave)’ or ‘~ (tilde)’ key, which will open the console.
  • Type the cheat code you want to use.
  • Press Enter to execute.

What are the Victoria 2 Cheat Code Console Commands?

Here are all the Victoria 2 console cheat codes for the game give below:

NameCheat CodeDescription
moneymoney [amount]Any amount you add to any current nation is done by this command.
cashcashOnly Victoria 2 users(with no DLC installed) are capable to use this command. Nation’s reserve gets debited with Rs.1000.
prestigeprestige [amount]A particular amount of prestige is earned with this command. You will only get 55 prestige added to the nation if you don’t have DLC.
leadershipleadership [amount]A particular amount of leadership is earned with this command. You will only get 100 leadership added to the nation if you don’t have DLC.
goodsgoods [amount]The goods console command will give the player the amount specified of all the goods in the game.
pluralityplurality [amount]You can set the plurality of the character to a specific number using this command.
revoltrevolt [province id]If you want to initiate a revolt in any area, use this command. Use a particular ID of the area and use twice this command to get it to function properly.
instantconstructioninstantconstructionIt will force all the buildings to be constructed in just one day.
incincThis is a toggle command used to enable or disable the instant construction of the buildings. It will affect only humans.
instantresearchinstantresearchForces the research to be completed in one day. It affects both humans and ai.
inrinrForces the research to be completed in one day but it will affect only humans.
yesmenyesmenAfter executing this command, Ai will accept every deal from you or the other players.
tagtag [country tag]Change the country of your character by running this command.
eventevent [event id] [province id / country tag]Start an event for any province or the country.
changeownerchangeowner [country tag] [province id]Change the owner of a particular province or country.
changecontrollerchangecontroller [country tag] [province id]Change the controller of a specified province or country by executing this console command.
conquerallconquerall [country tag]Set all the enemy provinces under the current country’s control.
showprovinceidshowprovinceidShow the id of all provinces, then you can use this command.
spawnunitspawnunit [unit id] [province id]Summon a particular unit for the specified province.
spawnactorspawnactor [actor id] [province id] [animation / gun / hat]Summon a particular actor for the specified province
reloadreload [file name]File to load again. You have to specify the file name in the syntax.
reloadfxreloadfx [shader name]Reload the particular shader.
reloadtexturereloadtexture [texture name]Reload the specific texture by executing this console command.
reloadinterfacereloadinterfaceReload the entire game interface.
upperhouseupperhouseStart an election in your nation’s upper house.
electionelectionThe election console command is used to start the common elections.
militancymilitancy [amount]This command is used to change the militancy level of the population. You can specify the desired militancy amount in the syntax.
datedate []The date command helps you to change the date of the game to your specified date.
fowfowThis is a toggle command whch is used to enable or disable the Fog of War.
suppresssuppressYou can add desired value to your nation’s suppression points.
minzoomminzoomThe minzoom command is used to control the maximum and minumum zoom of the game.
wireframewireframeThis console command is used to switch units 3D models to the wireframe model.
blockadeblockade [province id]You can blockade any particular province using this command. Must specify the province id to blockade.
reorgreorg [province id]By running this command, all units in the specified province will get 100% organization and full strength.
fullscreenfullscreenYou can change the screen mode to full screen with the help of this command.
debug allmoneydebug allmoneyThis console command will show the money trasnfers.
debug alwaysdiplodebug alwaysdiploThis is a toggle command that is used to freeze on unfreeze your nation’s diplomatic points.
debug alwaysaddwargoaldebug alwaysaddwargoalThe debug alwaysaddwargoal is a toggle command used to add or remove the limitations for adding wargoals.
debug researchpointsdebug researchpoints [amount]You can give your nation desired amount of research points by executing this command. Specify the amount of points in the syntax.
debug alwaysreformdebug alwaysreformThis command is used to enable or disable the alwaysreform setting, Enabling this will make the reforms instant.
debug influencedebug influenceRunning this command will give the top 8 countries (Great Power) maximum influence. You can also revert it using the same command.
debug cb_usedebug cb_use [casus belli id] [country tag] [country tag]The debug cb_use command show all the requirements for a certain casus belli. It will tel which are currently valid or invalid.
debug inventdebug invent [invention id]This console command is used to discover specified invention. You have to specify the invention id in the syntax.
debug marketdebug marketThis is a toggle command that is used to turn on or off the log of price changes.
showrailsshowrailsThe showrails command helps you to enable or disable the railroad visibility mode.
citysizecitysize [on / off] [size]This console command is used to set the city size setting. You can change the size of city to maximum running this command.
fakenewsallfakenewsall [style name] [seed]The fakenewsall command is used to generate all the possible fake news.
fakenewsfakenews [article name] [style name] [seed]You can generate a fake news for the particular article by executing this console command.
reloadnewsreloadnewsThis console command helps you to reload the database of fake news and fake news styles.
newsfromnewsfrom [path] [style name] [seed]The newsfrom command is used to generate the news from the particular folder.
newsnews [file name] [style name] [seed]You can generate the news from the specified file with the help of this console command.
addresearchaddresearch [tech id]This command will research the specified technology for your nation. You have to specify the tech id in the syntax.
lprestigelprestige [province id] [amount]You can add the desires amount of prestige to leaders attached to units in the particular province, by executing this command.
popupdatepopupdateThis is a toggle command which is used to enable or disable the updating populations.
popstatpopstatBy executing this command, you can print the amount of active populations.
breakallybreakally [country tag]The breakally console command is used to break the alliances of specified country or your own country.
lualua [lua code]This console command executes the specified Lua code.
technologylisttechnologylistThis command will print a list of all technologies to the console.
humanshumans [amount]You can add the desired amount of humans to your country with the help of this command.
windowwindow [open / close] [window]The window console command is used to open or close any particular GUI or window.
randomlograndomlogThis is a toggle command that is used to enable or disable the random logging.
paintpaintThis command is used to enable the map painting mode.
rpaintrpaintThe rpaint console command is used to enable the region painting mode.
cpaintcpaintThe cpaint console command is used to enable the continent painting mode.
teleportteleport [province id]You can teleport any unit to the particular province by specifying the province id in the syntax.
tutorialtutorial [chapter id / reload]You can move yourself to the specified chapter of the tutorial, or you can reload the tutorial files using this command.
copyprovcopyprovThis console command is used to copy the specified province to your clipboard.
helploghelplogThe helplog command helps you to print out a list of all console commands to the game.log file.
helphelp [command name]This console command is used to print all or specified commands to the console.

These are few cheat code commands which will surely help you in establishing greater empires and have great gameplay in Victoria 2.

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