Twitch Raid: What is Twitch Raid and How to Do it

Twitch Raid: What is Twitch Raid and How to Do it

Raid is always used to describe something related to attacking or assaulting someone. However, in Twitch, the term raid is used to describe something positive. A Twitch raid is conducted by the streamers to send their audience to another channel at the end of their stream.

When you’re already verified on twitch with Purple verification badge. This feature offered by Twitch comes in handy if a streamer wants to help someone to grow his or her channel. By letting the viewers join another channel, a streamer can expose them to new content, thus, helping other streamers to boost their audience.

More About Twitch Raid!

As we drill deeper about the meaning of Raid in Twitch, you might have some questions along the journey. So, let’s take on the first one!

How to start a Raid?

The very basic question has a very simple answer. A raid in Twitch can be started with a straightforward command: \raid.

Note: Before you start a raid, let your viewers know that you are about to begin one.

Now, this is not it. If you are diverting your audience to some other channel, you need to add the name of the channel to the command. For example, if you want to raid the channel named ”BatmanRocks,” you need to run the command: \raid BatmanRocks.

More from Gamenvoy:

This command allows you and your channel editors to start a raid. When you type the command, a pinned chat message will appear with a 10 seconds timer with two options:

  • Active Cancel Option
  • Inactive Raid Now option

Post the 10 seconds timer, the inactive “Raid Now” button will be active, and the streamer can click on it to start the raid. The viewers of the channel will also see the pinned message of them being part of the raid.

When the streamer clicks on the ”Raid Now” button, the streamers and his audience are taken to the other channel. The streamer can also cancel the raid by tapping on the “Cancel” option in the initial 10 seconds time window if required. If the streamer does not click on the ”Raid Now” or ”Cancel” option in the first 90 seconds, the raid will automatically begin.

When a streamer starts a raid, the viewers on the other channel will see a chat message of “<X channel>” is raiding with a party of <Y number of Raiders>.

If the viewer does not wants to be a part of the raid, he or she can leave the raid by clicking on the “Leave” option. You can also rejoin the raid by clicking on the “Join” option.

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Can There Be Any Bad Raid on Twitch?

Though the raid feature in Twitch is meant for helping streamers extend their user base. There can be some streamers that may not be that friendly with others. They may raid your channel for creating a nuisance and affect your viewing experience. This can be really frustrating and troublesome.

So, how to manage them?

Here are some ways that you can apply to avoid undesirable Twitch raids:

  1. You can change the dashboard settings to accept raids only from your friends, teammates, and followed channels.
  2. Use the gear icon in the chat to turn on Followers-only chat. This will also shut down a raid.
  3. You can also ban or report a bad raiding channel by going to the gear icon followed by recent raids and clicking on Ban or Report.

So, this is all about the Twitch raid. We hope you get all the necessary info you need from the article! Also, do check out our recent article about blocking and unblocking someone on Twitch.

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