Troubleshoot Failed Game Installation on Smartphone?(Free Up Consumed space)

Troubleshoot Failed Game Installation on Smartphone?(Free Up Consumed space)

It is very difficult to confront troubles due to a device that has either incompetent storage or have been hijacked for storage space. Most of the time it happens due to failed app or game installations

The reason here is simple that all devices may or may not be compatible for a particular version of the app or game. If you have a different operating system than the one supported it is very likely that you would face issue during the installation process.

Managing the memory storage is completely different for both Apple and Android users.

If your device is not a jail-broken one, you can easily solve this problem. Else, there is no assured way to fix the memory acquisition issue.

As the very first step, it is important to check the app is in your system or not. If you have no idea, where is the app or game in smartphone system. Check out these four specific locations.

4 Possible Locations for the Gaming Application

Four places where your phone keeps the left-over items after failed game installation or even after installing successfully:

  • /data/local: The location where files are installed after downloaded from Google Play. This is the most likely location to find the game as it has a publicly-accessible directory.
  • /data/data/<package_name>: Root your phone to gain access to this location as this is the place where the gaming application is installed.
  • <sdcard>/Android/data/<package_name>: The app itself stores the data here although it is a publicly-accessible directory. It is hugely unlikely that the game app has been in this location after being not successfully installed due to an error.
  • <sdcard>/<some directory>: the same as the previous point. Some apps place stuff in different places, which then does not get cleaned up automatically on uninstall.

Here is how to Fix or Free the Memory Space Due to Failed App or Game Installation:

1. Locate App and Delete App Data

In case you found the app in smartphone app data section, you need to carry out the subsequent steps, as given below to fix the issue. Here are steps you need to follow. Try to free the device space devoid of cache data from the background apps that aren’t utilized.

Clear Phone cache
Credit: WikiHow

2. Always Download Apps from Trusted App Stores

This is perhaps not a way to fix the problem but it is highly recommended to download the game from the Google Play Store(Android) or App Store(Apple). If you are uncertain, we would advise you to avoid any kind of security risks that come from unofficial sites. Losing your data, or even suspension of your account are the primary reasons why you should not use it.

3. Format the Location Where Files are Stored

It is obvious that the game or app data is there on one of the four locations discussed above. You have to locate specific folder for the same and delete that folder. In case it not works, as a last resort, you can format the internal or external memory where the installation is chosen to process. You can also format your phone completely. Transfer files and data to a different one that will give you enough space without having to lose out on your important kinds of stuff.

If you still cannot find the game, freeing up the consumed space is the ideal option for you. As per the standards of the memory in Android or say Google Play, 200 MB or less is quite low as it requires to cache data for better performance. If the used up space crosses the mark, the phone displays a warning.

Final Words

As more and more apps and games come up, users become quite obessive to try and test these apps. Sometime they even download from dangerous and potentially harmful websites that could damage the phone functions and processing. In fact memory storage too.

Hope the above steps go beyond then just being helpful to solve memory storage issue.

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