Top 5 PS4 Games with Nudity

Top PS4 Games with Nudity

When it comes to PS4, we get numerous genres of games.

From Action-packed Battle Royals to adventurous RPGs, PS4 never leaves its players astonished.

It’s true that different players have a different taste and preference in gaming. However, we can’t deny that bold nude scenes in games make gaming even for spicier and almost an instant turn on.

If you’re exploring exotic games filled with immense nudity and intimate scenes. So here we present some PS4 games with nudity to your exploration brief.

5. Heavy Rain

This game revolves around a serial killer who kills victim during rainfall. Origami Killer is the name termed to him. Furthermore, players have to control a team of four characters. Each of them has a different role in different situation while solving Origami Serial Killer’s case.

Heavy Rain Game with Nudity

The main reason why Heavy Rain is because of the female character in the team named, Madison Paige. She is known for her unique working method and sexualisation. Heavy Rain has many bold scenes, but the striptease at gun-point and the shower scenes are the boldest scene among them.

4. God Of War III: Chains Of Olympus

You might be wondering how an action packed combat game is present in the list of nudity. It’s evident that God of War is full of ultra-violence combats, however developers have added some scenes which make this game a bit spicy. The intimate scenes between goddess of love and Kratos is one among them. This scene is timed when Kratos enters Bedchamber of Aphrodite.

God of War 3: Kratos with Aphrodite

3. GTA 5

An open world games like GTA 5 is must in this list. The predecessors of GTA 5 already made us guess that this game will have some uncomfortable scenes. In addition to this the addition of FPP mode has made the normal bold scenes more realistic. Moreover, one can use this feature in the strip clubs and enjoy the lap dance in a different view.

GTA 5 Club

2. The Saboteur

This game is themed as the Nazi-occupied France. And yes, it has the famous female dancers of that period. One of the updates of this game added a Midnight Show to the game.

This update rendered the women’s in the brothels topless. Thankfully, you can disable it using the Nudity toggle, if you find them uncomfortable.

1. The Witcher 3

Last but not least, this list will be incomplete without The Witcher 3 in it. There is an obvious reason behind it.

The Witcher 3 Intimate Scene in Game

Undoubtedly, the sexual encounters in the brothels make this game completely 18+.

However, the length of these scenes sometimes make them awkward. Be ready to find a way to avoid these scenes when someone walks into your room.

Last Words

The games listed above are not suitable for children. Besides, you can skip or avoid them if you find them uncomfortable. That’s all we’ve got with PS4 games with nudity. For more games news, cheats and updates, Stay Tuned!