The Ultimate Subnautica Guide

The Ultimate Subnautica Guide

The fundamental rule of successful gameplay in Subnautica is Survival. Subnautica resembles its key inspiration like Minecraft, Terraria and Don’t Starve. That being said, the first and foremost thing you need to ensure in this game is Survival. 

If you too are confused with what to do after being dropped in Subnatica’s world, then we are here to guide you. Here’s a complete guide of how to survive in Subnautica, how to build bases and everything else you need to know about the game.

How To Build A Base In Subnautica?

Subnautica has its mechanism of building bases. Moreover, building bases is one of the exhaustive tasks of the game. The first and foremost thing is to select a perfect location for your base. At the initial stages of the game, the Shallow is the ideal location to build a base. Because it is safer and has numerous resources in its surrounding, however, you won’t get enough space to make a big base.

After selecting a perfect location, follow the given steps to build a base:

1- Take out your habitat menu to access to the crafting menu.

2- Select the modules of your choice and place it to your desired location.

3- You can rotate the module according to your likings. 

4-Once you are done with setting the module, click on finish to place it.

5-Repeat the same process with other modules and make a complete base.

Keep in mind that you’ll require specific resources to build a base. Make sure to collect them accordingly. However, even if you lack resources, you can create a blueprint to having an idea about the base.

Furthermore, you can enhance your base by providing it energy through generators and upgrading your modules.

Where To Find Silver In Subnautica?

There are certain resources you’ll need in Subnautica to build items. Silver is one of the leading and scarce resource in Subnautica. Unlike Copper and Platinum, it’s challenging to encounter Silver. However, there are some locations where you can find Silver easily in Subnautica. The Silver Ores are the main sources of Silver in the game. 

Here are some of the locations most prone to Silver Ores:

1- Chunks of Sandstone located on the Ocean Floor.

2- The Kelp Forest

3- Caves, dunes, and other varieties of biomes.

One common trick to get Silver is to explore the depth of the ocean, mainly below 100 meters.

How To Find Magnetite In Subnautica Game?

Thankfully, Magnetite is available easily in Subnautica. Moreover, you don’t need any other resources to craft Magnetite. Because of a huge deposit of Magnetite, it is easy to spot. Note that you need to use a Prawn Suit Dill arm to harvest Magnetite because it cannot be harvested with the character’s hands.

Some of the locations you can find Magnetite easily are:

1- Mountains

2- Mountain Caves in the Kelp Forest.

3- In the Jellyshroom Caves, located below Kelp Forest.

Subnautica Guide: How to Find Diamonds

Diamonds are the key component for crafting several items in Subnautica. It is useful to craft laser cutter, suit and gloves, and mobile vehicle bay. Diamonds are present in several biomes. However, Mount Island has the most abundance of diamonds. You can easily find a fair amount of diamonds while exploring Mount Island.

Some other biomes with deposits of diamonds are:

Lost River.

Caves near the Kelp Forest

Grand Reef

If you don’t want to explore, then there is a shortcut to gain diamonds in Subnautica. You can use the diamond cheat code ‘item diamond 1’ to spawn diamonds. The number of character can be replaced with the number of diamonds you want to spawn.