The Outer Worlds: Game Console Cheat Codes 2020

The Outer Worlds Cheat Codes

Last year was successful when Outer Worlds released Obsidian Fallout and the experience had everybody’s mind blown.

A world where you can build on your own, hunt with weapons, challenge all the uncertainties that will come your way, and explore its vastness. This adventurous ride can become wild if you use some crazy Outer Worlds Cheat Codes.

So, what are you waiting for?

This article shall provide you with a set of console commands that will improve your gaming experience. Know some of the gaming cheat codes, and you are sure to fly!

How To Enter Cheats In Outer Worlds:

For Xbox and PS5 gamers, you should invest in a Game Pass as the Outer Worlds is available! This is a game to watch and not miss for anything worth it. Here are some commands that will make your life more significant. So, dig in!

However, PS4, Xbox, and Switch players are very unlucky as the cheat codes in Outer Worlds are not available in a traditional fashion. The codes shall work on PC, of course!

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Some mods mainly change the quality of life, and most of them are mainly bug-fixers. However, they shall make your gaming much easier now, whether you are looking for weapons or trying out the builds.

Make sure to follow the guidelines. Press your keyboard’s console button ‘~’ to open the command screen.

Once you are done, please read below to find console commands and their purposes. They are mostly easy with a few complicated ones, but everything is listed below.

Outer Worlds Cheat Codes And Their Purposes:

Write the codes after pressing the console key and the Enter key to activate them.

  • god – Gives infinite HP
  • pause – Pauses the game
  • toggledebugcamera – Gives you a freely moving camera
  • ShowHUD command – Turns HUD on or off
  • SetLevel – Gives you one or more character levels
  • PerkPointsAdd – Gives perk points
  • PerkPurchase – Add a perk
  • PerkRemove – Remove a perk
  • RpgStatAddModifierDebug <stat> <value> – Lets you set a number for whatever stat you enter
  • AddCurrency (enter number) 1 – Give your character money
  • AddItemDebug <ItemID> – Make whatever item you want to appear
  • fov (enter value) – Change your FOV
  • QuestStart <questname> – Activates a quest of your choosing
  • QuestComplete <questname> – Completes a quest of your choosing
  • DebugUnlockCompanion 4 – Enter a companion’s name, and they’ll join you without requiring a quest
  • SaveGame bIgnoreSuperNova 1 0 – Creates a new save file regardless of difficulty level
  • SetArmorLevel <level> 1 – Makes your armor level whatever you want
  • SetWeaponLevel <level> 1 – Makes your weapon level whatever you want
  • Teleport – Teleports your character to wherever the camera is looking

There you go! Get started on your console right away! More are sure to come our way. So do stay updated and keep looking in this space for more.

This is the best game to invest in for a Game Pass and do it ASAP!

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