Take a Look at the Stunning, Visual Novel Mystery Game Called Move 78


Today let’s take a look at a new release title on steam called Move 78. I came across this one after seeing it on new releases and from its visual stunning screenshot it immediately caught my interest.

Move 78 is a beautifully crafted game where you have to escape rooms, find clues and advance to next level. The puzzles in this game are amazingly well planned and will make any hardcore lover of escape room games scratch their heads. The game then explains the interesting story about 8 strangers in visual novels. On top of that for anyone that don’t like visual novels, you can always have the option to turn it off!

Eight complete strangers awake in an unfamiliar complex with fractured memories. They find themselves forced to solve intricate escape rooms and fight for their lives in deadly games. Uncover the mystery behind each of the group’s hidden motives and lost memories. What brings them together? What happened to the outside world, and who is The Botfly Killer that haunts their nightmares?

One of the rooms where you have to escape.

The visuals in this game are great, and the graphics are really well done. Who would not like to play a well made escape room type game to mess with your head? Your objective is to escape each room and experiencing the great story-line of the game, with various hidden things luring around that you can miss.


  • Solve multiple 3D puzzle rooms with different themed puzzles
  • Fight for your life in deadly games and challenges against strange enemies
  • Enjoy a deep and mysterious story through a fully-voiced visual novel
  • A mix of 3D environments for puzzle-solving gameplay as well as high quality digitally painted artwork for storytelling
  • An immersive high-quality custom soundtrack


We will not be spoiling the story however the game resolves around 8 strangers awake in an unfamiliar complex with fractured memories. You have to uncover the mystery as the story goes and find out the answers that you are looking for.


The first thing that stands out in this game is the sheer size and planning you need to do for each room. Each room is different and have different clues. You control a player which you can move around in first-person. You will have an inventory that you can check out and also examine each object that you see in the the room with you. In regards to that, the game explains the story in a visual novel style (which players also have the option to turn off which is something I like when there are options)

On top of moving around slowly and carefully as each room needs to be examined to the full, you have to try and uncover secrets and find clues to escape. The game is also not that short, and takes around 12 hours to complete (depending on how stuck you get on levels). For the price, I think that is just perfect.

Sounds & Music

The music is beautiful in this game and nothing much to add. The voice acting? Incredible. Whoever did the voice acting parts is really talented and for an indie game, this is really well done. The music and sounds in this game is also really well done.


Overall the game is amazing. If you like visual novels, escape room games, puzzle games, mystery games or any other type of games which are similar you will surely love Move 78!

You can check out Move 78 by clicking here on steam.