How to Switch Characters in GTA V

How to Switch Characters in GTA V

The Grand Theft Auto game franchise has been popular since its release way back in 1997. And with time, the developers at Rockstar Games have put their blood and sweat to make these games immersive as well as interactive. GTA 5 is the trending game in the franchise that has taken the gamers by a sense of amazement. Perhaps, this is why you are here, looking for a tutorial on how to switch characters in Grand Theft Auto 5.

Since its release in 2013, there have been numerous updates in this open-world game. Moreover, these updates are the reason behind the skyrocketed sales and love for it. Some of these catchy aspects of GTA 5 are:

  • Powerful graphics
  • Tricky missions
  • Diverse characters

And many more!

Talking about characters, just like the previous versions like GTA 4, Vice City, and others, GTA 5 also offers players a unique way to play as multiple characters. One can easily switch characters in GTA 5 provided they are off mission. During the mission, you can switch characters only when it instructs you to change.

To be precise, there are three characters in the game that you can switch in between, each character has his own mission and some missions are common where all characters involve. Let’s learn how you can switch characters in GTA 5!

How To Change Characters In PS5?

Now, the open-world GTA 5 offers you three playable characters named as:

  • Michael
  • Trevor
  • Franklin

Now, the process of changing the character is simple. Here is how to change characters on different platforms.

  1. For PC users

All you guys need to do is just press and hold the L Alt or (Left Alt) button on the keyboard.

You will see a wheel displaying all three characters with faces on the bottom right of the screen. Use the mouse arrow to load the desired character.

  1. For Game Controller users

The process of switching characters is simple for you guys too. Just hold the down button on the directional pad of your controller and a wheel with the three characters will appear on the bottom right corner of the screen. Choose the character that you like to switch to.

Note: Switching characters is not just for fun in GTA 5. You may also need to switch them for specific missions where you need more than one character.

A Brief Overview Of The Playable GTA 5 Characters!

Apart from all this, each character has a certain skill set. So, you can change it as per the mission requirement. Here is a brief overview of all the three characters:

Michael: He is the man that has faked his death and since then lost his passion and motivation. He is always drunk and generally stays at his house.

Trevor: He is a psychopath who can do any destructive job for anything offered to him. You can switch to him for any violent activity mission.

Franklin: Franklin is the man (just like Tommy in Vice City) who begins as a street criminal and swiftly rises in the criminal underworld after Michael and Trevor.

So, if you want to switch characters in GTA 5, go for anyone you like. However, make sure you are opting for the one that has the required skill set. Learn more about GTA 5 and its PS4 cheat codes!

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