Half-Life Steam Console Commands

Half Life Steam Console Commands – All you Need to Know

The fun within Half Life game is incomplete, If you haven’t played with the settings and the developer console. The developer console not only allows you to debug the code but also to personalize or customize the game settings.

The Steam Developer console is in fact an interface that allows to execute steam console commands. And, you can even use it change settings globally at any point of the game.

How to Enable Steam Console Commands in Half Life?

For opening steam console or simply enabling it, you have to perform a simple action.

  1. Go to Options.
  2. Navigate to Keybaord
  3. Choose Advanced
  4. Last – Pick – Enable Developer Console

The “~” is default key to access the steam console. you can use it open or close the console panel.

The Steam console is also enabled when the Half Life game is executed with [-dev] or [-console] parameters. The source console output is shown on your debug out window while starting with the source engine and a debugger is attached.

Note: The console output are logged n the file [console.log] in the half life game directory when starting the game with [-condebug].

To execute any steam developer console commands in Half life, enter the command and press or hit the submit button. Every Half life console commands are quite unique.

The command incorporates a parameter and a space character.


Syntax of Commands:
Command <Parameter1> [<Parameter2>]


Blind Mouse1+attack
map dm_lockdown

All the already execute command is stored steam console tab. And is visible in command history through UP and Down Arrow Keys. If You want to choose from the history, picke the autocomplete option with the – TAB Key.

Here are All Half Life Steam Console Commands Lists

Identifying and remembering the half life source console commands is quite easy. As these commands have relevant name prefixes and subsystem they belong to in steam commands.

Steam Console CommandsDescription
ai_Single Player AI
cc_Close Caption System
cl_Multipleayer Client
demo_Demo Playback
disp_Terrain Displacement Maps
dsp_Audio DSP Settings
ent_Entity control/Debug
fire_Firing entity events
fog_fog renderer
g-Singe Player game
hltv_Half-Life TV
host_Host system
hud_Client HUD
joy_Joystick Input
log_Logging System
m_Mouse Input
mat_Material System
mp_Multiplayer game
nav_Navigation Graphs
net_Engine Networking
npc_Single Player Game NPCs
phys_Physics System
r_Video Renderer
rcon_Remote Control Access
r_Player Skill/Difficulty
rcon_Sound System
sk_Server Settings (Engine)
snd_Client View
v_ingame Player voice
voice_Ingame player Voice
vprof_Code Profiler
wc_World Craft/Hammer helpers
Half life source console commands

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