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Sims 4 November 2020 update: Latest features, platforms & vacations

Sims has been the favorite roleplaying game amongst people ever since it was launched. Sims redefined the way people saw roleplaying games and living in the house performing so many tasks is just a mesmerizing experience.

sims 4 november update

With an addition of 177 GB of space, the new update of the Sims 4 developed by redwood shores aims to revisit and build on the brand name Sims has built around for itself.

The developer’s new features and emotions, newer challenges, and newer solutions come with this new update. With this update, the fans of the game around the world are amused and are super pumped to test the new update.


The November update allows the games to set the heights of the rooms according to the height of your Sim. With this update, you can decide how deep the platform goes and reportedly you can also decide how high it goes!

Well, it just goes higher and higher to an infinite level.


If you want to view the sentiments between two sims you can see it in two ways with this new update! Once when both the sims are interacting with each other the small notepad covered in hearts will let you know about the feelings or you can even know about them via the Sim Profile!

The surprising factor is that these sentiments can be one-sided! Yes, it’s not essential for the sentiments of one sim character to be reciprocated!

Interesting isn’t it!

With this addition, the developers hoped to give the game a realistic touch!


Another great upgrade with this update is the anywhere vacation. Yes, you read it right!

The sims can now go anywhere for a vacation. There is no limit now! Well, there is a condition. You can only go as long as you have rented a lot in your other world.

These are the new features with this update. We hope you like it!

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