How to Check Ping in Fortnite


Fortnite is available on many different platforms for users to play in.

The platforms on which it is available are- Xbox One, Classic Mac OS, iOS, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Android.

Famous streamers of Fortnite like Ninja have complained about the cons of the game, one being the in-built lag and technical issues the game suffers from. However, you need to know from your end if the hang is because of network issues.

No player wants their game to lag or slow down their flow of gaming. Games like Fortnite do not allow the user to view the ping, as it is. There are methods in which you have to find out how.

How To Show Ping In Fortnite In Non-IOS Gadgets?

We at Gamenvoy will help you to check your ping in Fortnite once you are in a game, or from the lobby before you enter the game. If you follow these steps, you will know how to access the ping:

1. Once you enter into the lobby, click on the top right three lines of the screen. That will help you open the Hamburger Menu.

2. You will then find the Game settings opening for you.

3. Soon that happens, you can click on the Game UI tab on the Menu.

4. As you scroll down, the HUD options pop up.

5. As soon as that happens, click on the Net Debug Stats and switch it on.

6. After switching on the option, close the menu. The application of the changes will be visible almost immediately. Be it the packet loss or the upload or download speed, everything would be right in front of your eye. Subsequently, once you are done with the steps, you will notice that the ping and the additional network accessories are visible. You can change any type of basic settings required. For example, if you desire to change the font or size of the text on the top left corner of the screen displayed, you can. Just move to the same HUD menu and alter the HUD scale from the top of the list. You will get the desired outcome.

How To Show Ping In Fortnite In IOS Gadgets?

For PS4 users, it is way easier. While you are in the lobby before the game, follow this:

1. Firstly, click on the Start button on the PS4.

2. Press Esc. on PC or in Xbox 1 click on the menu button. After that, choose Settings.

3. After you have reached the Menu, tap on the HUD, in the Game Section.

4. You will find an option called, Net Debug Stats at the end of the list. Turn that on to allow the ping and the debug statistics during the match you play.

5. It gets way more easy for an Xbox user, as you can notice less of steps to follow.

Enjoy! A fast internet facility during playing games like Fortnite is one of the utmost priorities. Higher ping will only lead to unnecessary stopping, quitting, or worse delay in movement. No player would want a situation like that. Try not to compromise on the network stability and keep as minimum ping as possible for the battles you may fight.