Red Dead Redemption rdr2 cheat codes

RDR2 Cheat Codes to Help You Play Better!

I know how long a journey it is for someone playing a game as tough as RDR2. The struggles through the Wild West, I know it all. However, cheat codes can help you in the process of saving points and guide you through this adventure presented by Rockstar games.

To apply cheat codes in RDR2, first, you need to pause the game in the middle, move to Settings. Then after pressing the Y on Xbox Or Triangle in the bottom right corner you will obtain the RDR2 cheat list. The application of codes will help you to unlock and get them available.

RDR2 gameplay
RDR2 Gameplay

In RDR2, 37 cheat codes in total should be known. The player should be aware of the usage of the given codes, below. The cases are important here. This means that the codes should be written in the same case as given here.

Mostly, every cheat code can be used and entered at any position, however, certain cheat codes require purchasing of several newspapers within the game.

How to find and Apply RDR2 cheat codes?

The game has hidden cheat codes written randomly in pieces of newspaper or any furniture. All the phrases scribbled on unusual places are actually the RDR2 cheat codes in disguise. If you come across a phrase in an odd place, do not have any second thought to look, as it must be a phrase of any cheat that can open the Pandora box of Red dead redemption 2 codes.

You can watch out for phrases in newspapers that have 100% possibility to be a cheat code. Any writing in the bottom-right corner of a newspaper article is guaranteed to be the game’s cheat code.

RDR2 cheat codes in news paper
Cheat Phrases in Newspaper

You cannot enable the cheats without buying the newspaper, therefore do keep on buying newspapers as you go on your game quests.

To activate or deactivate the codes after acquiring them, go to the settings menu of the game. Also, do not forget to save your game before you apply your cheat.

What are the RDR2 cheat codes?

Therefore for your convenience, I have put up the cheat codes here so that you do not have a hard time collecting them.

“Abundance is the dullest desire” –Gives Arthur infinite ammunition
[Purchase newspaper from Chapter 1 onwards]
“A simple life, a beautiful death” –Gives Arthur a set of Basic Weapons
“Greed is American virtue” –Gives Arthur a set of Heavy Weapons
[Purchase newspaper after completing “Advertising, the New American Art” in Chapter 3]
“Death is silence” –Gives Arthur a set of Stealth Weapons
“History is written by fools” –Gives Arthur the Gunslinger side mission weapons
“You long for sight and see nothing” –Removes Fog of War from the map
[Purchase newspaper after completing “Blood Feuds, Ancient and Modern” in Chapter 3]
“Greed is now a virtue” –Gives Arthur $500
“Vanity. All is vanity” –Instantly unlocks all in-game outfits
“Eat of knowledge” –Teaches Arthur every crafting recipe
“Share” –Unlocks every camp upgrade
“Virtue unearned is not virtue” –Gives Arthur maximum Honor
[Purchase newspaper after completing “Urban Pleasures” in Chapter 4]
“You revel in your disgrace, I see” –Gives Arthur minimum Honor 
“Balance. All is balance” –Gives Arthur neutral Honor
“Be greedy only for foresight” –Gives Arthur Infinite Dead-Eye
“The lucky be strong evermore” –Gives Arthur Infinite Stamina
[Purchase newspaper after completing Chapter 5]
“Guide me better” –Dead Eye Level 1
“Make me better” Dead Eye Level 2
“I shall be better” –Dead Eye Level 3
“I still seek more” –Dead Eye Level 4
“I seek and I find” –Dead Eye Level 5
“Seek all the bounty of this place” –Permanently increases Arthur’s Health, Stamina and Dead-Eye meters
“You flourish before you die” –Fills Arthur’s Health, Stamina and Dead-Eye meters
“You seek more than the world offers” –Fills meters and fortifies Arthur’s cores
[Purchase newspaper after completing “The King’s Son” in Chapter 6]
“My kingdom is a horse” –Increases Arthur’s Horse Bonding level
“Better than my dog” –Let’s Arthur call his horse from any range
“A fool on command” –Plies Arthur with alcohol, induces drunkenness
“Run! Run! Run!” –Spawns a race horse
“You are a beast built for war” –Spawns a War Horse
[Purchase newspaper after completing the Epilogue]
“You want more than you have” –Spawns a Superior Horse (Arabian)
“You want something new” –Spawns a random horse
“The best of the old ways” –Spawns a stagecoach
“Keep your dreams simple” –Spawns a wagon
“Keep your dreams light” –Spawns a horse-drawn buggy
“Would you be happier as a clown?” –Spawns a Circus Wagon
[Purchase newspaper after completing the Epilogue]
“You want punishment” –Gives Arthur a Wanted Level
“You want freedom” –Drops Arthur’s Wanted Level
“You want everyone to go away” –Removes Arthur’s notoriety/bounties

And this is how you can unlock every feature and win over this game! Best wishes from my behalf on your achievements and do not forget to enjoy Red Dead Redemption 2 with these cheat codes!

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