Pubg Ban lift

Pubg Mobile Ban Lift is now a Reality as Microsoft Backs Parent Firm

The coming Diwali brings a joyous surprise for the fans of PUBG Mobile all around India. The Government of India decided to put a ban on the game due to its direct relations with certain foreign countries. That was suspected to have caused harm to the integrity, sovereignty, security, and defense of the country.

PUBG Mobile is all set to return to the gamers of India, once again. Krafton, the South Korean firm currently was found allying to restore Indian user’s data, with the help of the global cloud service providers.

On November 7, PUBG Corporation notified that after being conjoined with Microsoft and the games that were previously developed by Krafton will now be anchored on Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Azure joins hands with PUBG
Microsoft Azure joins hands with PUBG

The company informed that the partnership between them will guarantee respect for privacy rights. The software will adhere to all the relevant rules and regulators.

Other sources have reported that PUBG Mobile has actually been connected to the top PUBG Mobile players in India, to re-establish the game among the fans. That will re-connect the players with the new features (if any, who knows!) the game might have. It will also make them understand their strict policy about privacy.

Krafton, the parent firm of PUBG Corporation announced today it has inked a global partnership with Microsoft. As part of the deal, games including PUBG Mobile that are developed by Krafton or its subsidiaries will be hosted on Microsoft Azure.

“With privacy and data security being a top priority for Krafton, the company will be working with Microsoft to ensure personal data protection through Azure,” said Krafton.

PUBG Battle Field Royale
PUBG Battle Field Royale

Rishi Alwani, the publisher of The Mako Reactor said that PUBG created a unique field and helped establish a huge hub of Esports organizations. With the huge distraction of gamers due to the ban, India lags 2 years more than any other country. The blooming platform for young gamers faced a huge downfall due to the ban.

Although we have all this news coming up, a lot of it is actually not confirmed by the PUBG Corporation. While we are expecting their official announcement, we wonder what this sush is all about!

Apparently, this is not the first time that rumors have been around. Previously PUBG was supposed to be collaborating with local firms like Paytm and Airtel. However, nothing of that sort was confirmed even then.

It has been two months yet, every PUBG player is awaiting their game to be brought back. What could be more of a surprise to the fans than getting their favorite live-streamers playing PUBG Mobile again! All we can do is wait for the big news.

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