PS5 storage glitch: How to avoid it in the brand new console

PS5 storage glitch: How to avoid it in the brand new console

The new next-generation PS5 by Sony Corporation had a grand launch recently and Sony did a great job to impress the people with its new and sleek design. The PlayStation and the games have been overwhelmingly positive over these years.

But the launch didn’t go as expected as it had issues. Perhaps, disappointed gaming influencers due to the glitch that was causing consoles to brick and in some cases unusable due to software failure.

What is causing some consoles to brick on the very first day of use?

The issue

The issue arises when the console tells players that the storage needs to be rebuilt or so. Many other notable influencers such as Editor Jeff Gerstmann and Giant Bomb respectively tweeted that their system also crashed and they had to go through an “external drive repair sequence” that ended with a black screen.

The main concern was if it happened with at least two people on the day of release, it will be an issue for a lot of people.


Neither gamers nor Sony corporation could find the exact technical issue that caused the errors. But Jeff Gerstmann has pointed out that Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered(Ultimate Edition) is known to cause the issue. Although people have different opinions about the issue, he warned everyone with a tweet.

Some people also tweeted that the reason can also be the Google WiFi Router.

How to prevent the issue

As the game, Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered (Ultimate Edition) is known to cause the issue. It’s a good idea to avoid playing it until the issue gets patched or we get more information on what is causing the issue.

If your hands are itching to play the game, a little attention is needed while playing.

Make sure you have completely closed and exited out of Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered before you put your PS5 console into sleep mode. You can also boot another game to your console to ensure if you forget to exit out of the game.

The solution to the issue is expected very soon as Sony corporation is already working on it. Hopefully by another week or so the error will be fixed.

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