PS5 Reportedly to Have netflix, YouTube, And Others

Playstation 5 Newly Launched Games

PS5 consoles are already pre-booked. After gaining such a huge response from the gamers, Plastation 5 is back again with another update. There were multiple games that launched for PS5 that are already taking a roll among users. To the very surprise, PS5 will not be only about gaming.

In an official PlayStation blog Update, Sony announced PS5 would be more than just gaming. The newly launched PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 5 digital edition would include media services.

Some of the popular streaming services would Include Netflix, YouTube, Disney +, Spotify, Apple TV, and more media app would like to come in future to improve the experience for users.

Apps that are more likely to be added are Hulu, Amazon Prime, peacock, and more.

One of the most amazing features of PS5 is that it comes with a media remote that let’s user to easily navigate between media services and game content. As these apps will come pre-installed in the media services users will no longer have to download them through PlayStation store.

With the help of the media remote, Playstation 5 users could fast forward, reverse, play and pause, quickly navigate media, and even would be able to adjust TV volume on compatible device.

The remote would encompass dedicated buttons to directly access media services almost instantly.

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