PS5 launching Worldwide…But Not In India | Sony updates on PS5 issues

The PlayStation 5 is launching in countries abroad except for India! Yes, you read that correctly. Sony is yet to announce anything regarding the official date of the PS5 launch in India.

Here are a few details, you may want to know about the launch of the PS5.

Sony has released its latest PS5 in the European countries, Asia (and didn’t include India?), South America (not North America, again?), South Africa, and in the Middle East countries as well! The big day is today.

But Sony has forgotten India from its first launch of the PS5. Also, to keep in mind that the launch has had certain mishaps regarding the working of the play station.

Sony has repeatedly refused to reveal a launch date for India but is asking their fans from the country to keep themselves updated. Some sites have claimed the date to be somewhere in December. But we are not sure yet.

Sony has given Update on Pre-Order Issues in India

Word is that Sony has been facing pre-order issues and copyright issues from the country, after an Indian citizen wrongly accused Sony of it. Sony has been taking care of the situation lately and this could be one of the main reasons why Sony has not been revealing a proper date in India.

Retail stores have been asking their customers to pre-order the device with full payments and they shall receive the package on the launch day itself.

When Sony was made aware of the situation, they immediately have asked the retails stores to refund the full payments back to their customers and not to reveal anything about a launch date or any information what-so-ever.

PS5 Price in India & Games Revealed

So, the pricing is no more of a secret. 50,000 Indian rupees for the PS5 with an optical drive and 40,000 Indian rupees for the digital version of the PS5.

More at Gamenvoy:

Sony has made a collection of the greatest hits from PS4 in the latest PS5. However, they need to be downloaded and shall be made available on the launch day. The question here is, how long will they be available. The Last Guardian, Days Gone, Resident Evil: Biohazard, Bloodborne, Fallout 4, Battlefield are some of the few games that shall come along with the latest play station!

The bottom line is that Sony isn’t saying anything about a release in India, but they are definitely giving us hope. All we can do is wait and keep our hopes up for the bomb to drop!

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