PlayGiga Cloud Gaming Company Acquired By Facebook


Facebook forayed into the gaming industry with the launch of its facebook gaming platform. Facebook gaming platform allows gamers to share their videos, gameplays, and images on the platform.

To Reinforce the platform, Facebook has recently acquired Spanish video gaming company PlayGiga for $78 million.

The move came out in the wake of the launch by Major tech giants Apple and Google rolling out their cloud gaming services Arcade and stadia.

According to the company’s spokesperson, PlayGiga is working on something new for the gaming industry. The company will continue to work in the cloud gaming field and thanked the partners and supporters for their relentless support.

PlayGiga was founded in 2013.

Earlier in 2014, the social media giant has acquired Virtual Reality (VR) headset maker Oculus for $2 billion. The deal was seen as a major breakthrough in the company strategy.

According to the industry expert, the acquisition by facebook came after the launch of Google stadia, Microsoft XCloud, and Apple arcade to clash and acquire a large share in the cloud gaming market.

With the evolving trend in the gaming industry, traditional gaming platforms are losing their touch and people are moving to cloud-based gaming services which are easy to set-up and people can use almost all kinds of devices such as tablets, smartphones, televisions to stream and play the game.


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