“OP” in Gaming: Here is The Little Secret We Know

“OP” in Gaming: Here is The Little Secret We Know

You might have stumbled upon several short terms or Abbreviation in Gaming.

OP is surely one of them.

However, those who have been consistently playing online multiplayer games must be aware of the term OP.

The term OP is although very common in the gaming world along with the other terms such as “Backseat gaming, ”nerf”, “FPS”, RTS, and many others- but – it has a strong connection and holds a profound meaning too.

What does OP Means in Gaming?

If we dig deep, the abbreviation “OP” stands for Overpowered.

So, what does it mean?

While playing a multiplayer game, you must have experienced some boss stages, weapons and even mechanics that are near to impossible when it comes to beating or attaining them. That’s where the answer lies.

An OP is defined as a character in a game that has negligible weaknesses and high strength.

Usually, an OP character or a power has very fewer chances of defeat that makes every other character look weak and useless.

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What are the Cons of an OP?

Well, after knowing the meaning of an OP, it must be clear that it can be a bit unfair to play the game with an OP in it.

For example, Fortnite’s B.R.U.T.E vehicles are extremely powerful and have mind-blowing weapons that make them almost impossible to defeat. So, the player that don’t have will never be able to defeat those who do.

This makes the game less interesting and unbalanced.

So, a need for a retaliation measure arises.

Cons of OP in Gaming

How Can You Retaliate Against an Overpowered Entity?

Just like the gaming companies integrate an OP in the game, they make sure that there is something on the other end to balance it. And that’s where the Nerf comes in.

Nerf is also a gaming term that is defined by the dictionary as “to alleviate the power of”. It can be a character in the game or any weapon that can be leveraged by the player to give head to head competition to the OPS.

Nerf is kind of a balancing element in a multiplayer game.

Other than the term Overpowered, OP is also frequently used on discussion or game forums like Reddit. It stands for ”Orginal Poster” or “Original Post”. Hence, you need to be sure about the context before uttering anything.

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