No Internet Games – Epic Games to Play Offline

Oops ! you just run out of your broadband data bandwidth limit or might having trouble reaching out to the web.

Don’t worry there are numerous offline games you can try your hands at- instead of just watching the damn boring screen.No internet games are simply fun because they operate without internet connection and you don’t have to get into multiple function in order to start the game.

Just push the start button. And, you’re all set to giggle with fun.

Here are the No Internet Games you can play when you’re offline:

1. T Rex Game Without Internet

The simple yet adorable game is available on the chrome browsers. Many of users might have encountered the dino waiting for the nudge, when your browser does not shows a web page. The game sneakily comes in the window.

To start and play the game, you have to simply press the “Space bar” Button. And this is the fantastic part, you won’t need to touch and focus on any other key in the game. Isn’t it incredible?

If you’re in love with that game and wish to play it again – go ahead and disconnect your internet connection or enter this address in chrome URL bar –chrome://dino

Alternatively, you can chose to play it on an online website.

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2. Surf Game Microsoft Edge

To Play this game you must have edge browser installed. While in the offline mode, you simply can view this game when you open a new tab. Otherwise, you can type this in URL bar to play.edge://surf/

The game is quite simple, you have to choose a character to start with using <left or Right> arrows. Then, start the game by pushing the “spacebar” button. When the character start surfing, move it using the mouse or arrow keys.

3. Play Snake Game offline with

Snake game is historically the most game ever played. Now you can play this no internet snake game with the help of Simply type the URL “” in URL bar of any browser and you are good to go. The magical part is it requires no internet connection. And then enter your username.

To move the snake you can use the mouse. Simply eat the sparkling dots and make sure it does not bangs with other snakes.