RDNA2 graphics cards: AMD talks about ray tracing today

RDNA2 graphics cards: AMD talks about ray tracing today

After Microsoft talked about the Xbox Series X on Monday and Sony followed suit yesterday with the PS5, today it continues cheerfully with technical information on “next-gen gaming”.

Some top executives were rounded by AMD for a broad new presentation about EPYC AMD Ryzen, and Radeon’s continuing ongoing near future yesterday. The episode marked the state affirmation of the small number of matters, for example, Zen 4 to 5nm and also Navi 3X, Navi 2X, along with also the CDNA structure. But it truly is the guarantee of the pile of RDNA 2 pictures cards from 1080p for all those players.

We ought to expect that the flagship RDNA 2-based images card to function as the rumoured Radeon RX 5950 XT, which in line to this very last rumours packaged with substantial 80 calculate components, 5120 stream chips, as well as 17.5 TFLOPs of calculating overall effectiveness. I truly desire to watch AMD drive using all the Radeon RX 6000 show across the Radeon RX 5000 string that’s powered with the RDNA inch structure, if this happens.

Therefore here is that which we know about RDNA graphic processors. Two of the graphic cards known from the code name of both Navi 2X, RDNA two processors may soon comprise “excessive efficiency with persuasive electrical strength,” hardware-based beam tracing, and also changeable speed shading.

The future of game development

On Direct X Developer Day 2020 there is more exciting information about the games of the future today. In the announcement, several sessions are mentioned, in addition to Microsoft, AMD and Nvidia also appear. The whole thing starts with an overview of “new features and unprecedented possibilities of Direct X 12” – so new DX features should be announced. Nvidia then talks about “the new standard for next-gen games”. After Microsoft explained Tier 1.1 of Direct X Raytracing, AMD wants to talk about how Raytracing (DXR 1.1) runs on RDNA2 hardware. Finally, some more explanations follow, including on mesh shaders and other technical topics. Microsoft also promises unprecedented demos.

AMD had already spoken about RDNA2 with ray tracing at the Financial Analyst Day in early March. AMD wants to catch up with Nvidia with the new GPUs. The RDNA2 architecture, the heart of the upcoming gaming Radeons, will clock higher than ever and +50 percent performance per watt and also bring a higher IPC performance (performance per clock). If you look at how power-hungry complex RT effects can turn out, AMD will also need additional power. But RNDA2 is also used in the Xbox Series X and PS5 in different chip expansion levels. A custom RDNA2 GPU with 52 compute units @ 1.825 GHz (up to 12 TFLOPS) is installed in the next-gen Xbox, and a custom RDNA2 GPU with 26 compute units @ 2.23 in the next-gen PlayStation GHz (up to 10.28 TFLOPS).

It is no real surprise the business is putting expectations, Together with AMD bringing amazing expertise to reinforce efficacy. After all, it might need to take on Nvidia to get 4K GPU dominance. Using a 2020 launch window, Nvidia can conquer AMD RDNA two pictures cards to advertise using its very own kit.