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NBA 2k16 Cheat Codes Guide – All You Want To Know!

It has been a real hunt while searching for NBA 2k16 cheat codes and I must say, you don’t deserve that journey. Therefore we at Gamenvoy are here for you to provide all that you need at one go!

Playing NBA 2k16 is really tough as much it is interesting. For a new curious player, it gets way too difficult to adapt to the new techniques and intensity of the game all at once.

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So don’t you worry, after reading this, you will be scoring goals and getting your scores higher than you thought!

NBA 2k16 Game cheat Codes with ways to enter the codes
NBA 2k16 Game

Here are the cheats that I have collected all for you, and read further for the extra cheat skills and tips that I am giving exclusively for you. Enjoy!

What are the Complete NBA 2k16 Cheat Codes?

  • Fortune Hunter: Acquire all runes in MyTEAM.
  • Survive: Complete the 10th game of The Gauntlet in MyTEAM.
  • Extra Effort: Complete an Accolade in MyTEAM.
  • Psst…Hey You! : Solve a code in MyTEAM.
  • Iced Out: Acquire a Diamond Player in MyTEAM.
  • We Named The “Dog” Indiana: Discover your first rune in MyTEAM.
  • Just Say No: Purchase a Card Pack in MyTEAM.
  • History Lesson: Unlock Historic Domination in MyTEAM.
  • 198 Problems and Domination Is one!: Earn 198 Stars in Domination and Historic Domination in MyTEAM.
  • Diamonds Are Forever: Acquire a Diamond Shoe or Contract Card in MyTEAM.
  • Changes A-Comin’: Submit a team relocation application in MyGM.
  • Cavs Magic: Win the #1 pick in the NBA Draft Lottery in MyGM/MyLEAGUE.
  • Summertimeeeeee: Play a Summer League game in MyGM/MyLEAGUE.
  • Shrewd Operator: Successfully negotiate a 3-Team Trade in MyGM/MyLEAGUE.
  • Grass Is Greener: Hire a coach from another team to be your head coach in MyGM/MyLEAGUE.
  • Virtual Clipboard: Coach a game using SimCast Live in MyGM/MyLEAGUE.
  • What’s My Line: Get at least 5 PTS, 5 AST, and 5 REB in a MyPARK game.
  • Mount Up: Join a Squad in MyPARK.
  • Onward and Upward: Relocate an NBA team to a new city in MyGM/MyLEAGUE.
  • Run It: Get a winning streak of 3 or more in MyPARK.
  • Bust A Move: Bust a 3 or more game win streak of an opposing team in a MyPARK game.
  • I’m Going Places: Achieve the All-Star Rep in MyPARK.
  • Playing For Keeps: Win a non-simulated game in MyLEAGUE Online.
  • How Much Ya Got?: Sign a max deal in free agency in MyCAREER.
  • My Every Day Player: Become a starter in the NBA in MyCAREER.
  • My All-Star: Be named an NBA All-Star in MyCAREER.
  • Gym, Tan, Laundry, Gym: Unlock the gold version of the Gym Rat badge in MyCAREER.
  • As Good As It Gets: Completely upgrade an Attribute Discipline in MyCAREER.
  • Social Butterfly: Attend 10 social events in MyCAREER.
  • Think Long, Think Wrong: Listen to your owner’s ultimatum regarding Vic.
  • Bo$$-Key-Yacht$: Learn more about Vic’s true agenda.
  • Wheels Up: Hold a press conference to announce your free-agent destination.
  • Freq’n and Vibin’: Give your opinion on the Freq signature shoe.
  • Restin’ In Power: Get to know the Vic you never knew.
  • A Harsh Reality: Listen to the phone call that changes it all.
  • Man Of The People: Get 5,000,000 fans in MyCAREER.
  • Keepin’ It: Admit to the uncomfortable truths in your life.
  • Perfection: Win all 10 games of ‘Greatest of All-Time’ in Play Now Online.
  • V-G-G, Vic Gotta Go!: Listen to your owner’s opinion on Vic.
  • 1, 2, 3, Swish!: Start your journey to NBA stardom.
  • I’m Going Pro, Capeesh?: Declare your intentions to enter the NBA Draft.
  • Money, Money: Settle the dissention inside your inner circle.
  • Signing Day: Announce where your college ball will be played at.
  • The First Of Many: Earn a Call-Up in Play Now Online.
  • Untouchable: Score 37 points in a single quarter with Klay Thompson.
  • Perfect Practice Makes Perfect: Make 7 perfect release jump shots in a single game.
  • Trip-Dub: Record a triple-double with any player in a non-simulated game.
  • It’s Raining: Make 15 or more three-pointers with any team in a non-simulated game.
  • Run ‘N’ Gun: Make a three-pointer off of a fast-break in a non-simulated game.
  • Buzzer Beater: Make a game-winning shot with no time left on the clock.

I hope you can make the full use of the list here. However because I know the struggles of learning a new game and know it’s important whereabouts, hence here is the secret casket full of the extra tricks.

Want to Know about Locker Codes?

For getting Locker codes, go through the instructions:-

1. Move to the main menu and select Options.

2. Select Features.

3. Choose and click on Locker Codes selection.

Entering NBA 2k16 locker code Screenshot
NBA 2k16 locker code

4. Type the code ‘PAYRESPECT‘ in the box.

How to get Rune Codes in NBA 2k16?

Rune Codes are a great help to the user as they serve as a key to unlock the door of NBA 2k16’s Black Market. The only way to get direct access to the in-game Black market is by getting your hands on the Runes. Collecting all five Runes will give you Rune Code.

Rune codes in NBA 2k16
Rune Codes in NBA 2k16

1. Firstly, obtain a NBA card. Assess the card by rotating it in every possible angles to check if it is a Rune or not.

2. Check the left border at the Ovr rating. It will only show up if it has a Rune.

3. Keep trying until you find all the five Runes. Don’t give up if you are not successful in the first, second, or third attempts as Runes are rare.

If you are still having problems, check the video given below to find your Rune.

How to Check a card is Rune or not

4. To earn a Rune Code, you have to collect the five Runes present in the game. This code will let you access the Black Market temporarily. You will be able to buy special accessories from the Black Market which will eventually make your game easy.

What are the NBA 2k16 Tips and Tricks?

As we have neared to the end of my article, here is the information. For a player of NBA 2k16, you have to know that the key factor of the game is being offensive.

No matter what you do, if you are unable to become offensive in the game, you can never qualify and outscore your opponents. That implies you will fail to win in most of the cases.

To prevent that, change the PlayVision settings of your game. Doing that will enable the offense gameplay of the match and thus it will help you to make understand of being offensive. Therefore make sure to change that setting before you start a match.

1. Move to Options.

2. Click on the coach settings.

3. Quickly change the Offensive PlayVision to All Plays.

NBA 2k16 settings
NBA 2k16 settings

4. Change the PlayVision Display setting to Full.

5. Lastly change all the PlayCalling to Auto.

Keep a strong eye on the feet of the player for the Shot Meter. Watch how the player is dribbling and look for the ball. Try to keep the ball as near to your feet as possible.

Lastly, and most importantly, you need the patience to improve in this game. Rushing things won’t do any good to you. Don’t worry as you have got 24 seconds of time and that’s more than enough. After all, now you know the tricks!

Go ahead and enjoy playing & scoring using the NBA 2k16 cheats.

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