Must-Know PUBG Mobile Movement Tips to Play Like A Pro

PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds) is a royale battle game developed by PUBG Corporation. The game was first released in 2017 and became an instant hit. PUBG Mobile (released in 2018 for Android and iOS) is banned in certain countries for influencing and harming children’s mental health. However, it remains on the charts as one of the best battle games in the market.

Playing PUBG Mobile needs more than just excitement. Becoming a pro is hard work. But you can do the intelligent work using tips and cheat sheets to master the game in less time and flaunt your gaming skills. Remember to log in through your social media account and sync the progress. You don’t want to lose it all by being a guest player. And since PUBG Mobile takes up significant disk space, you might want to play it on another device. If that’s not possible, remove apps you don’t need. Turn off the battery and data savers. Lastly, ensure screen brightness by turning off auto-brightness. You can’t afford to not see something crucial on the screen due to low light. Now that you have mobile-ready for the game let’s dive into the tips that’ll make you a top-class PUBG Mobile player.

PUBG Mobile Movement tips you must know

1. Start by Customizing the Controls

You don’t have to use the default positioning of the virtual control buttons to play the game. You can increase their size, remove the buttons that come in the way, and make them more/ less transparent. Try different layouts and settle on the most comfortable ones. It may not seem like a big tip, but you’ll be surprised to notice how easy it is to play when the controls are just how you want them to be. 

2. Crouches

Crouching is an effective way to avoid headshots. It may slow your pace when running but will increase the speed when climbing a hill. If you want to surprise your enemy or have an advantage over them, crouch and stand immediately while firing your gun. This will save you from being shot and give you that extra second required to overpower the opponent. Remember that this works in close combat and needs practice to time it right.

3. Stay in Motion

Do you know that you can put your character in auto-sprint? Aimclub has shared many tips and tricks to play PUBG Mobile and advance through the levels, even if you’re a beginner. Hold the left thumb when moving the character. Slide the thumb onto the running icon that pops up. This will put the character in auto-sprint, where he’ll keep running until you change the setting again.

Now, go to the map area and zoom in to see the details of the surroundings and avoid attacks from enemies. Even though you’re a target, you can still be alert about what’s happening around the character. 

4. Jiggle-Jiggle in Different Ways

Jiggle is a famous PUBG Mobile movement used by pro players worldwide. It works the best in close combat (shorter distances). The trick is moving the joystick left and right even as your character runs and shoots. This is to confuse the enemy and avoid getting shot. Jiggle is combined with other movements like crouching to increase your chances of defeating the opponent while staying alive. Naturally, it comes with practice. 

5. No Weapons During the Initial Run

Weapons weigh you down and decrease the running speed. Do it without a gun if you want to rush into the battlefield. Please pick it up when you see the target at a distance and get into a favorable position. 

6. Pay Attention to Directions

Sounds are crucial in battle games. Make sure to use a good pair of headphones to know the direction of the shots. If that’s not possible, use the hit marker on the screen to see the movement. You can use both so that you won’t miss your opponents and end upshot.

7. Joystick vs. Gyroscope

You can aim and shoot using the joystick or turn on the gyroscope to move the entire screen in the direction of the shot. You can always use these controllers to play. This allows you to play PUBG Mobile like on Play Station on Nintendo. A gyroscope is quite helpful if you have to make controlled movements. The joystick can be used for regular activities.

8. Know When to Pause and Observe

Don’t always rush into new situations. Hide and scan the area when you get close to a building or camp. Grab your weapon and be ready to shoot in the blink of an eye (but don’t blink, or you’ll miss the shot). 


Keep practicing and watch tutorials uploaded by professional PUBG players to study the game’s finer points.