MAFIA 3 PS4 Cheat Codes, tropies, and steam achievement complete guide.

MAFIA 3 PS4 Cheat Codes, Trophies, Steam Achievements

Wondering how to play Mafia 3 game like a Pro? These Mafia 3 PS4 cheat codes are at your disposal.

Gamenvoy has compiled a list of trophies, steam achievements, and cheats for the Mafia 3 game. Simply enter the code and you’re up to take down the enemies.

How to Apply Cheat Codes in Mafia 3 PS4?

To apply the codes, you need to download and install the Cheat Engine from the web. Here is a step by step tutorial on how to do it with ease.

Watch this video step by step if you face any difficulty while installing Cheat Engine

Following are the MAFIA 3 PS4 Cheat Codes:

Once you have done installing cheat codes, apply the following codes. Here the cheat codes for Mafia 3 game for the PlayStation 4 console-

  1. Infinite Health– You will no longer die in the game
  2. Infinite Adrenaline– You will not go out of breath and can sprint as long as you can
  3. Max Money– This code will provide you maximum money in your account.
  4. Instant Kill– The targeted person dies immediately
  5. Infinite Ammo– No need to reload your gun, you will get unlimited ammunition.

You can get direct access to the cheats by simply ticking the box. To disable it, untick the box. The codes are activated automatically as soon as you run the game. There are no Hot Keys like GTA games.

Note: According to user reports, the Max Money cheat seldom causes negative money value. You can activate the cheat before you start everything to fix this problem.

Trophies You can Earn in Mafia 3:

Here are the trophies you can earn in Mafia 3 Game

Escape for two minutes from a Police ZoneInsurance Risk
$500,000 earnedBaby, You’re a Rich Man
$10,000 received from an UnderbossBig Earner
Eaten by AlligatorBon Appétit!
All Associates unlockedSure Thing, Boss
$150,000 savedCash in Hand
Performed 50 Brutal TakedownsClosed Casket
Steal a Police carCode 112
Takedown 300 enemiesCombat Specialist
Kill at least 15 racket informantsCan’t Trust a Rat
Make your enemies kill themselves with their own mollyFlambé
$500,000 spentHole in Your Pocket
Drive at a speed of 120 mph for 20 secondsCustom 358
Attack a Racket without violenceI’m Goin’ In!
All Mafia III Trophies obtainedLet the Good Times Roll
Complete all side-missions of BurkeIRA Don’t Ask
Take down 10 vehiclesWrecker
Recruit 15 Racket InformantsLive Another Day
Kill all the Enforcers to weaken a racketSoftened ‘Em Up
Drift for at least 5 seconds while drivingNew Bordeaux Drifter
Kill all Racket BossesNo Loose Ends
Turn 180 degree smoothly at high speedOne Good Turn
Side-missions of Cassandra.45 in My Hand
Perform 5 headshots in 5 secondsRecruited to 5th SFG
Take down 100 enemies stealthilyShh, shh
Complete all side-missions of VitoI Need a Favor
Get high income from your racketRacketeer
Go through this tutorial video to apply your cheat codes more easily

Steam Achievements in Mafia 3 game:

These are the Steam Accomplishments you can earn in Mafia 3 game:

Start Sammy’s RenovationBarkeep
Investigation of cult’s activities at Sammy’sA Little Closure
Meet Bonnie HarlessCovered in Blood
Protect Sammy’s from the Dixie MafiaAmateur Bouncer
Fully renovated Sammy’sPour Sammy!
Use Throwing Knives to kill 20 enemiesBlade of Death
Kill Bonnie HarlessWorse Than Dying
Investigate the three “Places of Darkness”Haunted Places
Drive 50 km in the Samson HarrierStreet Rocket

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