Little Alchemy 2 cheats, Tricks, and Hints

Little Alchemy 2 game cheats

Little alchemy was completely fun and you’ve certainly have been obsessed playing with it.

With little alchemy 2, the fun takes an entire new high. Now, if you’re seeking help uncovering the secrets about Little alchemy 2, you’re at the right place.

In the Little Alchemy 2, you have to combine two or more elements to create new elements. And, the fun part, you can create even more elements from new ones. But, you probably need some Little Alchemy hints or cheats before you can actually dig into new elements. To make it easy for you to do it, we are here with Little Alchemy 2 cheats or hints.

Let’s Take a Look at Little Alchemy 2 Cheats & Hints:

At the start of the game, you get 4 elements to start with – Air, Earth, Fire, and Water. Now, the complete game is about mixing up these fundamental things to create new elements. So, let’s start creating.

1. How to Make Mist

If you want to create Mist, simply combine 2 elements.

Air + Water = Mist

Mist is an essential element by which you can create more elements further.

2. How to Make Steam

Steam is among the vital elements that is created by two different elements. Here is how you can create steam.

Water + Fire= Steam

3. How to Make Geyser

Geyser is a jet stream of water. In order to make geyser, you can use different elements. Look at the procedure below.

Steam+ Earth= Geyser

4. How to Make Mud

To proceed to explore more elements, you have to fuse earth and water in order to make mud. With mud, you can ultimately make more elements.

Earth + Water = Mud

5. How to Make Brick

When you want to make more complicated elements, bricks would be required. In a way to make brick use these two elements.

Mud + Fire = Brick

6. How to Make Smoke

Smoke is created when we use two basic elements at the starting of Little 2 Alchemy game. Here is how to make smoke.

Fire + Air = Smoke

7. How to Make Lava

Lava is an element that represents fire. So, the first element to make lava in Little Alchemy 2 game is fire. Here is how to make lava.

Fire + Earth = Lava

8. How to Make Dust

Dust is one of the fine elements that you can unlock by using the fusion of two or more elements. Here is how to make dust.

Air + Mud = Dust

Geyser+ Earth + Air = Dust

9. How to Make Obsidian

Obsidian can be obtained when you use earthly elements. Here is how to make obsidian. The important thing is this element may not be required in order to create more items.

Lava + Water = Steam + Obsidian

10. How to Make Stone

When you keep shuffling the elements, you will eventually unlock stone. Here is a Little Alchemy 2 cheat for stone.

Lava + Air = Stone

11. How to Make Sand

Sand is a tremendously important element you would need to create elements such as beach, sandstone, and other in the game further. Here is how you can make sand.

Stone + Air = Sand

12. How to Make Beach

Sand + water = Beach

13. How to Make Sandstone

Sand + Stone = Sandstone’

14. How to Make Glass

Sand + Fire = Glass

15. How to Make Clay

Sand + Mud = Clay

16. How to Make Volcano

Lava + Earth = Volcano

17. How to Make Pressure

Mist + Air = Pressure

18. How to Make Eruption and Explosion

Mist + Volcano + Pressure = Eruption + Explosion

19. How to Make Wind

Pressure + Air = Wind

20. How to Make Granite

Lava + Pressure = Granite

21. How to Make Land

Earth + Stone = Land

22. How to Make Aquarium

Water + Glass = Aquarium

23. How to Make Desert

Sand + Land = Desert

22. How to Make Oasis

Desert + Water = Oasis

23. How to Make Gunpowder

Dust + Fire = Gunpowder

24. How to Make Hourglass

An hourglass in Little Alchemy 2 comes within time category elements. To unlock time, you have to unlock hourglass. Here is how to make time or hourglass in Little Alchemy 2.

Sand + Glass = Hourglass

Note: Elements like Motion are eventually unlocked automatically after reaching a certain point.

25. How to Make Sandstorm

Sand + Motion = SandStorm

26. How to Make Wheel

Stone + Motion = Wheel

27. How to Make Windmill

Wind + Wheel = Windmill

28. How to Make Wall

Brick + Brick = Wall

29. How to Make House

Wall + Wall = House

30. How to Make Village

House + House = Village

31. How to Make City

Village + Village = City

32. How to Make Atomic Bomb

Explosion + Explosion = Atomic Bomb

33. How to Make Energy

Fire + Fire = Energy

34. How to Make Heat

Energy + Air = Heat

35. How to Make Tornado

Wind + Motion = Tornado

FAQ About Little Alchemy 2 Game

When you unlock some items, you can view them with encyclopedia option. This allow you to see the formula, when you accidentally create something novel.

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