Little Alchemy 1 – Hints, Cheats, Tricks

Little Alchemy 1: Cheats, Hints, Tricks and Hacks

Little Alchemy is an excellent game to have a fun time. You learn a lot playing this game.

This game is all about experimenting and testing your knowledge.

Little Alchemy is free; you must open your browser to play this game. And anyone can start playing this game. For now, little alchemy 2 is more of a popular sequel to this game.

How to Play Little Alchemy Game

Playing Little Alchemy is pretty simple.
When you start the game – you have four fundamental elements already unlocked.

Little Alchemy Playing Canvas Screenshot

Earth, water, air, and fire

You combine these 4 elementary elements and make new elements. As you progress in the game, you discover unique items that ultimately become essentials to create new elements.

Little Alchemy Hints, Cheats, or Tricks

Here are some quick cheats, hints, or hacks to make new elements in Little Alchemy 1.

How to Make Energy

Air + Fire = Energy

How to Make Pressure

Earth + Earth = Pressure

How to Make Wind

Air + Energy = Wind

Air + Pressure = Wind

How to Make Steam

Water + Fire = Steam

How to Make Atmosphere

Air + Pressure = Atmosphere

How to Make Mud

Water + Earth = Mud

How to Make a Rain

Water + Air = Rain

How to Make a Plant

Rain + Earth = Plant

How to Make a Tree

Plant + Time = Tree

How to Make Lava

Earth + Fire = Lava

How to Make a Stone

Air+ Lava = Stone

How to Make Sand

Wind + Stone = Sand

How to Make Metal

Fire + Stone = Metal

How to Make Gold

Metal + Rainbow = Gold

How to Make Electricity

Metal + Energy = Electricity

How to Make a Brick

Clay + Fire = Mud

Mud + Fire = Brick

How to Make a Wall

Brick + Brick = Wall

How to Make a House

Wall + Wall = House

How to Make a Village

House + House = Village

How to Make a City

Village + Village = City

How to Make Algae

Plant + Plant = Algae

How to Make a Garden

Plant + Plant = Garden

How to Make a Flower

Plant + Garden = Flower

How to Make Glass

Sand + Electricity = Glass

How to Make Glasses

Glass + Glass = Glasses

How to Make a Light Bulb

Glass + Electricity = Light Bulb

How to Make a Swamp

Mud + Plant = Swamp

How to Make a Life

Swamp + Energy = Life

How to Make Human

Earth + Life = Human

How to Make Cloud

Air + Steam = Cloud

How to Make Sky

Air + Cloud = Sky

How to Make Sun

Sky + Fire = Sun

These are all 580 elements in Little Alchemy 1.

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