IGI Game: IGI Cheat Codes

Cheat codes are one of the most crucial elements with the help of which we can play are games highly efficiently and without much difficulties. And, talking about the difficulty level, IGI is on the top on the list.

So to make such games more comfortable and exciting to play, we use cheat codes, but do you know a lot of people wonder IGI game does not offer its users to use cheat codes? But it’s not true, as there are various IGI cheat codes that can be applied at multiple gameplay situations. Let’s take a look at all those IGI cheat codes for the game.

Some of Popular IGI Cheat Codes- 

Here is the list of IGI cheat codes- 

1. needbakup: With the help of this cheat code, you will get a backup of 2 men for helping you. 

2. diehard: With the use of this cheat code, your enemy will automatically die. 

3. holowman: You would be able to get invisibility, with the help of this cheat code. 

4. imdone: You would be able to skin mission with the use of this cheat code. 

5. stormydayq: With the help of this cheat code storm will come. 

6. bigbang: You would be able to destroy tanks with the help of this cheat code. 

7. all gun: You would be able to get unlimited firearms with the help of this cheat code. 

8. asperine: If you want unlimited health, then this cheat code will be helpful for you. 

9. superman: With the help of this cheat code, you would be able to fly. 

10. damn: In case you want to do suicide in-game, then this cheat is for you.   

11. Ewww: With the help of this cheat code, all your enemies will die. 

Note: These codes may or may not work depending on the operating system you are using.

How to activate Cheat Codes in IGI?

To activate any of the above-listed cheat codes, you need to pause the game and then write the cheat code you want to apply. 

Note: If above codes don’t work for some reason simply close the game and download this small file(IGI Trainer).

How to use IGI trainer?

Don’t worry you can download trainer in any folder.

  • After it just click the file to open.
  • Next Step start the game again. Now
  • To Get Unlimited Health Press – F9
  • To Get Unlimited Ammunitions Press – F10
  • To Get Unlimited Bullets Without Reloading – Press F11
  • To set everything to Default Press – F12, and you can play the game normally.

Above function will only work if you completely close game and restart it again.

This was all about cheat codes of IGI game, but do you know that these cheats and hacks do not end up here. There are several things with the help of which you can make your gaming experience more accessible and friendly. When you’re done with chapter 1, don’t forget to play and try our cheat codes for IGI 2 Game.

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