IGI 2 Game: IGI 2 Cheat Codes

IGI 2 Cheat Codes

We all have played IGI 2 Covert strike 2 game at some point.

We know how tough it is to progress to the next levels of this game.

But we can simplify this game to lower difficulty levels and to play this game easily, we are going to use IGI 2 covert strike cheat codes.

Earlier, you might have already applied Project IGI 1 cheat codes. Now, it is time to take on Chapter 2

Do you know about the cheat codes of IGI 2? If not, then this article is going to help you, and you will get to know about cheat codes. As in this article, we will discuss every IGI 2 cheat code.

Project IGI 2 Cheat Codes-

Here is the list of IGI 2 cheat codes-

  1. ALLGOD : With this cheat code, you can enable God Mode in your IGI 2 game. In this God Mode, you would be able to get unlimited health, unlimited weapons, and many more Powers.
  2. ALLAMMO: With the help of this cheat code, You will be able to unleash unlimited ammo.
  3. EASY: If you want to lower the difficulty level in the game, then you need to use this cheat code.
  4. FEEDME: With the help of this cheat code, you can clear all your enemies.
  5. GETALLIWANT: You can clear all levels with this game code.

How do you activate cheat codes in IGI 2?

To activate any of the above-listed cheat codes in IGI 2

firstly, you would have to go back to the primary or pause menu, where you need to type “nada” and then, along with that, type the cheat code you want to apply.