How to Show FPS in CSGO

How to Show FPS in CSGO

When it comes to a highly interactive, immersive, and smooth gaming experience, FPS plays an indispensable role in it. There are a plethora of games in the market that are popular because of their high-end graphics, like PUBGGTA-V, CS: GO and so on. If we talk about Counter-Strike, FPS in CS plays a pillar role as it lets the players interact with the game, just like the real-life surroundings.

Why Is FPS Important In Games?

Note: FPS is not First Person Shooter, but it is actually expanded as Frames Per Second. The FPS factor heavily affects your gaming experience. If it is low (around 20 or 24 fps), running games like Counter-Strike will not provide you with good gaming experience. The visuals will be inconsistent and will lag frequently.

On the other hand, running CS at 60fps will skyrocket the detailing in the game and will make your fall in love with it.

The device will feed more FPS, and your visuals will flow like a fluid. So, investing in powerful hardware is the best way to enhance the graphics of the games.Now, if you want to know the FPS of your hardware while running Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on it, you have many options.

First, you can go for any third-party program that you like to get information about the current FPS of the game. This method is a bit less convenient as it will use your system resources along with the game. However, it will provide you with what you need. But, Here is a catch. You can check the FPS details without any software. Here is how.

How To Check FPS In CS-GO Without Third-Party Software?

Still wondering how? Well, actually it is possible!!! CS: GO has provisions via which you can know the FPS of the running game.

Detailed Steps to Show FPS in CS: GO

Now, the process to show FPS is not like changing the controls in the settings of your game. CS: GO has a powerful special console that enables players to display the FPS on their screen.Here is the procedure to do check frame per second rate in CSGO:

  1. Go to the game settings and look for the Enable Developer Console option.
  2. Click on it to enable it. It will say “Yes”.
FPS SEtting in CSGo game screenshot
  1. Post this, press the “~” key on your keyboard to open up the developer console screen.
  2. When you are on the console screen, type in the command ”cl_showfps 1”.
  3. The game will start displaying the FPS on the screen.

Note: If you don’t want to see the FPS anymore, you can type in “cl_showfps 0” in the console and the FPS will disappear. 1(ON) and 0(OFF) just toggle the FPS meter.Other than FPS, CS: GO allows you to see other aspects during the game like packet loss, ping, etc. You can see them by running the command “net_graph 1”.

What Are Benefits Of The FPS Feature In CSGO?

With the built-in FPS in CS feature, your system will deliver optimum performance. Moreover, you can:

  • Know about the graphics settings that you can use. With the knowledge of FPS, you can adjust the graphics settings of your system.
  • Seeing FPS on your system screen will help you know the threshold of your system. You will know how powerful your system is.

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