How to Reset or Delete Minecraft Server


Bored of your old server world or need to redeem it due to accidental choices?

Before, you create a new Minecraft server. It is essential to delete or reset the old ones.

Don’t worry, we have two simple ways through which you can easily reset or delete your Minecraft server and start a new one altogether. 

There are many instances why resetting a server becomes necessary.

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Sometimes it may be to generate a new world or sometimes to avoid bugs while upgrading, etc. Just follow the instructions given below to reset your server within a few minutes.

How To Delete Minecraft Server: Method 1

The first and the quickest way to reset your Minecraft server is without actually deleting the server world. In this method, you simply change the world name in the multicraft panel and enjoy a brand new world. To make this happen, refer to the following steps.

Step 1: First, stop the server. This can be done either by closing the Minecraft server GUI or by clicking the Force Stop button or the Red Stop button.

Step 2: Now, direct to the Minecraft server folder, and under the WorldBar, delete the existing world name and change it to a new one. While renaming the world folder, make sure the name is completely different from the previous one and is something unique.

Step 3: Once the name is changed, press the save button that appears in green. 

Step 4: Finally, exit the existing folder and restart the server. The new world will automatically load in front of you, and the previous one will vanish. However, if you want to revert to the old one, you just need to type the old name again, and you will get access to your old server that remains available in the server files.  

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How To Delete Minecraft Server: Method 2

If the first method is not efficient enough for you, the next best method yet a bit slower method is the complete deletion of your world folder. Here, we actually delete the world files, which ultimately forces the Minecraft server to load a new world. Follow the steps below.

Step 1: Similarly to the first method, go to the Force Stop or Red Stop button and stop your Minecraft server. 

Step 2: Now, direct yourself to the Minecraft folder and access your server files with the FTP.

Step 3: Once done, just delete the existing files or world folder.

Step 4: Restart your server, and Minecraft will load a completely new world before you.

In case you are willing to get rid of the entire server without any past customization, then there is one more option available. For this operation, you have to select the reset server files button.  After that, start your server again. Once done, you will see a new server without any past traces. If you are still new to the Minecraft world, learn how to play minecraft.


As mentioned earlier, one may feel like resetting their server for several reasons. But whatever may the reason be, keeping a backup server will always help go back to the previous one whenever needed. Moreover, resetting your server every now and then keeps your server clean and ready for updates.