How to Register as VIP in GTA 5

GTA V How to Register as VIP

GTA 5 has a unique feature for its GTA5 online gameplayers. Unlike the odd GTA5 characters, online players in this format can enjoy opulent in-game life by registering themselves as a CEO or VIP in GTA5. If you haven’t play GTA V for free, make sure to download here for free for PC.

The VIP registration feature was introduced by developers to make the game more interesting.

Being a VIP in GTA5, it adds up several in-game luxury to your gameplay. Here’s everything you need to know about VIPs in GTA 5

What is being a VIP in GTA V Online?

Registering as a VIP allows you to hire body-guards for your character. These body-guards are other online players who wish to earn some GTA cash. To be more precise, the VIP- bodyguard relationship is like employer- employee. You have to pay the bodyguards to escort you through the dangerous streets. Furthermore, to add up more features to your gameplay you can register as a CEO in GTA online.

Here are some of the things you need to know as a VIP:

  • You can have the VIP tag for maximum 4 hours in Free mode play. After four hours you’ll have to wait for 12 hours to re-occupy the VIP tag.
  • You can have maximum 6 VIP sessions, i.e, you can have six organizations.
  • You can remove a bodyguard any time, once he betrays you.

how to Make Yourself Vip in GTA 5?

The first and foremost thing you must have to register as a VIP is $50,000 GTA cash. For this task, you won’t be able to use the regular GTA5 cheat codes. After managing this much money, follow the given steps to register as a VIP in GTA online:

1. Access to the ‘SecuroServ’ via the interaction menu in GTA 5.

2. Register yourself as VIP from this menu.

3. Name your organization, once you are ranked VIP.

You will get a new ‘SecuroServ VIP’ option in the menu. You can customize your VIP life form here.

Earning Easy GTA 5 Cash Through Money Glitches

If you are still far away from having $50,000 GTA cash, then you can use money glitch and register as a VIP. However, you need to use these glitches before Rockstar gaming fixes them. One of the latest working money glitch is:

Beat the Time Trial at Maze Bank Arena

This is an easy solo-money glitch. You have to beat the time trail using you bike. (Glitch credits- Gaming & Gears)Follow the steps given below to use the glitch.

  1. Go to the Maze Bank Arena.

2. Set a time trail with a path trajectory as given in the image

3. Beat the time-trail. The path trajectory is straight thus making it an easy task.

Make sure to utilize this glitch before it’s fixed by officials.

That’s all we’ve got with registering as VIP in GTA online and a money glitch to make this task easier.

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