How to Play PUBG Mobile with Your Friends


PUBG, popularly known as Players Unknown Battle Ground, is a multiplayer battle royale game. The game is currently popular among all other online multiplayer games worldwide.

In this game, players are dropped onto a lonely island and fight until he’s the last one standing there.

There are various modes, namely the Classic Mode and the Arcade Mode.

You will find three maps in classic modes – ErangelSanhok, and Miramar.

You have the complete liberty of choosing to play alone or with your buddies. But mind you, its multiplayer option can provide much more amusement than you will ever experience.

Forming a team with your buds, reviving your knocked-out friends, and making strategies to win that “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” title are exciting. To those unaware of playing Pubg Multiplayer with their friends, this is the right place you could have landed in.

How To Send A Friend Request

PUBG game has quite a hassle-free way to add any person you wish. You have to know the display name of their PUBG game or the character ID so that you can add them.

Check it out step-by-step:

  • Open your PUBG game application and tap the icon in the picture below.
  • Tap the Add Friends icon and type the person’s display name.
  • That person’s profile will pop up if you’ve correctly typed the display name.
  • Tap the Send icon.

You will be able to play together as soon as your friend receives the notification and accepts your request.

How To Accept A Friend Request

When you receive a friend request from your buddy, you must accept the friend request to see him on your list. Having trouble figuring out – how? Well, don’t worry! At Gamenvoy, we’ve got you covered.

Check out these steps to accept friend requests in the PUBG game:

  • Run the PUBG game application.
  • You will find a Friends Icon at the bottom left corner of the phone screen.
  • Tap that Icon.
  • A Red Dot will be shown if you’ve got a pending friend request.
  • Tap it and accept your friend’s request.
  • Now, you have successfully added to your friend list.

How To Join Or Add In The Lobby In PUBG

Now, this is the final step before you play as a team with your buddies. To join the game lobby-

  • To let your friends join your lobby, tap the Invite option in the picture below.
  • Tap the Plus icon beside the display name to request the person to join.
  • Once the person accepts your invitation, he can enter the lobby.
  • Accept the invitation you’ll get and join the lobby of your friends.
  • Now, you are in the lobby with your buddies.
  • Make yourselves ready and tap on Start to play together.

As you land on the island and loot your guns and ammo to fight as a team, you must be well aware of your surroundings as, who knows, there might be an enemy waiting for an opportunity to kill you.

Strategize with your teammates and decide your next move together. Also, don’t forget about the lethal blue circle, which shrinks at different intervals while fighting with other teams. Getting a “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” with your friends at the end is worth all the fun.