How to Play PC Games on Android

Everyone loves playing games on their mobile devices.

Playing PUBG with our friends, combating in Candy Crush, or even Pokemon Go. There’s a game for everybody, which is extraordinary given how much time we spend on cell phones.

You’ve most likely experienced many blogs and articles on how to play Android games on a PC. If you invest a considerable lot of time jumping into your PC, you may even have run a couple of Android games on your PC. This isn’t just a tackled issue but an issue that has been comprehended on many occasions.

But by the day’s end, do these games match Triple-A titles you can play on your PC?

The simple answer is a strong, “No chance to get” as far as memory, graphics, speed, and so on; games in mobile devices essentially can not contend with the top-of-the-line execution of present-day gaming rigs.

Have you contemplated running the best PC games on your Android telephone or tablet? This is likewise very conceivable. However, you’ll need to consider what precisely you’re hoping to run.

But you don’t have to be disappointed. Not yet.

So, can you play PC games on your Android?

The answer is YES! Now you can.

Android gadgets have made some fantastic progress. You can even play portable adaptations of well-known PC games like Fortnite and PUBG. In any case, they are still only portable variants. More vulnerable illustrations, more vulnerable framerates… it’s simply not a similar encounter.

But not everything is lost. You can try a few things to play these games as though they were legitimately being played from your PC.

What Would You Need?

Probably the most outstanding issue about playing PC games on your Android gadget is the controls. Touchscreen controls are inappropriate for games intended for console and mouse controls. In this way, playing them on a touchscreen is somewhat tricky.

We enthusiastically recommend that you put resources into a Bluetooth controller for your Android gadget. Shockingly, mapping the mouse to the correct joystick of a controller is far simpler than utilizing a mouse on your device.

If you have a PlayStation 4 or an Xbox One controller, you can undoubtedly interface them with your Android gadget and use them. This spares you the difficulty of acquiring another Bluetooth-empowered controller; I for one utilized the two controllers on my Android cell phone and they work faultlessly.

You could also get a Bluetooth console and mouse mix, but you’ll require a cell phone or tablet with double Bluetooth mode worked in. Otherwise, you can utilize an OTG USB center to connect a console and mouse to your cell phone.

Option 1: Look for the Port

The best thing about ports is that the designers make them. So, there is a high possibility it will work flawlessly for your gadget. Designers typically spend a lot of time porting their games to the Android stage, so any bugs or execution issues ought to be resolved.

Obviously, with this strategy, there is a high possibility that your preferred game isn’t accessible. And that is splendidly fine. Fortunately, we have plenty of different strategies that we can use to play old PC games on Android with no issues.

Be that as it may, if you’re hoping to encounter an exemplary Final Fantasy game on your Android, you should look at the Play Store before attempting different techniques.


  • The ports will work flawlessly on your gadget.
  • There won’t be any severe issues and bugs with the game.
  • The engineers make it.


  • Not a great deal of assortment is accessible starting now.
  • Numerous designers of old PC games are outdated, so there is no desire to play their old games on Android at any point.

Option 2: PC Streaming

If you currently have a gaming PC, then you can undoubtedly stream your old PC games to your Android gadget without many issues. So to stream PC games, you’ll need the following:

  • A PC with Steam was introduced.
  • A steam controller.
  • It’s a decent remote association.
  • Steam Link application on your telephone.

Numerous other spilling applications permit you to accomplish a similar impact. Still, Steam is the most significant PC commercial center that has many games accessible for you to buy lawfully and play.

On the other hand, you’ll have old PC games for your Android as well as the most recent games like The Witcher or Assassins Creed Origins to run.


  • It’s simple to set up and needs a couple of things.
  • It can work truly well if you have a decent and stable availability.
  • Carries your facilitating library to your Android cell phone.


  • It can just work at home or on a video gaming PC.
  • It isn’t running old PC games on Android; it is simply gushing them.


While you ought to have the option to run most games utilizing at least one of the above strategies, there are no certifications. Most games should work, but you may run into situations where there’s no port, copying doesn’t work, and you can’t stream it. This is likely uncommon, but it is conceivable.

This article referenced running Android applications and games on your computer. You may have attempted this as of now, but if you haven’t, you’ll be happy to know it’s genuinely simple and easy to set up (and play).

For more fun, you can even use a gaming controller for playing the games, connected to your Android device through Bluetooth. You’ll get a better experience playing the games with a game controller.

Ensure you have a good internet speed. A solid Internet connection is a vital aspect for guaranteeing intense and relentless gameplay. And consistently give a valiant effort to maintain a strategic distance from malware and viruses while downloading games from third-party sites.

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