How to Play-Minecraft


The ultimate “Sandbox game” which all of us loved to play during our childhood period is back “Minecraft”.And in this article, you can learn how to play the Minecraft video game like a PRO!Before mastering any game you first need to understand its rules and regulations.So, let’s first have a look at all the rules of Minecraft.

What are the Minecraft Game Rules?

  • The very first rule of Minecraft is to NEVER dig straight down because it has more chances of digging into a trap.
  • Don’t dig Upwards, if you are stuck inside a building then don’t start digging Upward because everything will fall and you’ll be stuck again.
  • Always Carry a Water Bucket with yourself, Water Bucket is no less than a lifesaver in Minecraft. It will help you in each and every situation.
  • Keep Crouching, to keep going in the game. Crouching is the key to that.

Make sure to save a shelter for yourself, if you don’t want mobs to hurt you then you must save a shelter for yourself.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Minecraft Games:

  • The first trick might look impossible but you can do this, now you can place torches on crafting table. But this trick is only possible with a transparent block and not with solid blocks. Right-click on the torch two times and it will set itself upon the transparent block.
  • To create a stand stone-free pyramid or any other new design without any support you can use a torch because they can handle as much weight as you want to.
  • If you don’t want to deal with any mobs or zombie then you can switch to a peaceful mode in which food and health will regenerate and you’ll learn how to play easily then you can go back to fighting with zombies and mobs.
  • Unlock the LAN world, the LAN option can be used by you if you have a lot of diamonds, gold and iron stuff and you, unfortunately, dig a lava hole. Then you can enable cheat mode and enter the LAN world where all you lost stuff can be found by entering into a creative mode or by setting game rule KEEP INVENTORY.

How to Play Minecraft?

Hope you loved all the minecraft game related tips and tricks. Now, here is how you can play minecraft.

Step1– Create a World

The first step is to create a world where you want to play. There are three options given for creating a world. The options are:-

  1. Survival mode
  2. Creative Mode
  3. Hardcore Mode.

Step 2 – Collecting Wood

In the second step, you will have to collect the woods and it is very easy to collect woods, you just have to punch the trees. And then there are different things you can create with the woods like a crafting table or a Nerd Pool.

Step 3– Creating a Shelter for yourself

The third step consists of creating a Shelter from the woods you collected. After creating a shelter make sure that you use if when the sun goes down.

Step 4– Creating Tools for different purposes

The next thing you need to go forward is tools for defense and for collecting other supplies.  But for creating tools you will need planks and Stick. If you have all the tools then only you can craft well! So make sure to collect and make all the tools.

Step 5– It’s time for MINING

Step 5- It's time for MINING

If you are at a beginner level then mining is really important and you should collect everything that crosses your path like coal and stone. Collecting all this will help you make tools that will help you mine.

Step 6 – Getting Started with Torches/ Furnace

Collecting Furnace is extremely important for seeing. If you have collected coal then you can burn it. On the other side, a torch is also very important to see the mobs or zombies.

Step7 – Preparing yourself for Food

The favorite part of the game you will get food, but in the beginning, you won’t get much food either it is apple or meat. So, collecting Furnace for preparing meat is also very important. You will run a lot so your food bar goes down according to that but once you eat something it starts rising.

Step 8– Spending the first night

Now your day is over and you must be back in your Shelter, Lock yourself up in the shelter and if you still are not tired and want to work then you can go in search of sheep for creating a bed. But be aware of the mobs!

Step 9– The Next Morning

Finally, your first day is over and you are back in the next morning. Now you can go and explore any world again but again be aware of the mobs and enemies. Explore every world! And keep playing the minecraft game.