How to Play Java Games on PC

How to Play Java Games on PC

Over a decade ago, Jar and Java games were ruling the gaming space. Most of the mobiles at that time supported these .jar extension games.

With the arrival of powerful smartphones such as Apple, Android, Linux, Java games soon became extinct.

However, do you know? it is still possible to play Java or.Jar games on your computers (PC) and laptops as well?

Playing .jar mobile application games is quite easy, all you need is a java game emulator.

All you need to do is – download the emulator which acts as an interface between your PC and the Java games.

So – Let’s explore further this awesome tutorial on Gamenvoy and check out – how to play JAVA games on PC.

How to Play Java Games on PC using Emulators?

Before you can play java games on Big screen computers.

Remember – out of several emulators, two emulators stand out from the rest in terms of popularity.

Here we are discussing some of the ways you can make sure, you are having a good time playing Java games on your laptop with these two emulators. In fact, you can also play java games on your Android smartphone too.

1. How to Play . Jar Games on Personal Computer with KEmulator Lite v0.9.8

This can be said to be the most user-friendly and provides the best features for any game lover. I can say this has helped me to a large extend.

The software is really easy to install and helps you to play nearly all mobile java ( j2me ) games and apps on the computer. A user can use this software on any device with any resolution to play Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, or LG Games.

Besides allowing you to play both 2D and 3D graphics engines, it provides image and video capturing features. You can get your free download of this software by clicking the download button below! 

1) Click on the given link and download the software for your computer.

2) After installation of the .exe file, click The Next Button.

3) To move to a new interface, click on the Browse for changing directories.

4) After the page appears, move to the toolbar and select Midlet>Load jar.

Midlet in KEmulator running on PC Screenshot

5) Select the desired game and Open. (Games need to be formatted Jar)

KEmulator Lite screenshot running .jar games

6) Enjoy the game!

2. How to Play Java Games with Sj-Boy-JavaEmulator on Computer

This application is better than a lot of older emulators like MidpX and automatically defaults to a Nokia N70 skin. Users can easily use Opera Mini, take screenshots and watch the news like the BBC along with other features. You can easily download it by clicking the button below.

1) The steps for this are similar to the above. Install the emulator and click Next.

2) Browse and then select Midlet>Load jar

SjBoy emulator to run java games on PC
SjBoy emulator for PC

3) Open your desired game and enjoy.

Although this is easy to use yet we found some issues with it. 

These are the few emulators we found to be hugely user friendly and easy to download as well. Apart from these emulators, you can also use a few more emulators that are available.

MidpX is another such emulator that serves as an alternative to both KEmulator and SjBoy. You can download it too by clicking the button below.

We hope this list helps you as it did to me. Don’t worry about not being able to play JAVA games anymore. Keep playing and having fun!

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