How to play java games on android Using J2ME Loader

How to play java games on android Using J2ME Loader

Not long ago there was a time, we would have played java games to be delighted. Now- the gaming world has changed and several fantastic new games and gaming apps have come into the frame.

While there are quite a few popular games – with high graphics, memory, and experience in our android, there are people who are still in love with Java games.

And – If you’re among them – finding how to play java games on android.

You are at the right place – Gamenvoy – to figure it how.

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Java and Android games are difference. For the newer games there are certain important techniques you need to follow. The up-to-date android is the toughest when it comes to Java conversion and emulation. 

So, here is the secret on – How to Play Java games on Android. We are going to disclose an app that would help you to play Java games on your Android smartphone. In fact, you can play jar games on a personal computer as well.

How to Play Java Games on Android Using J2ME Loader?

Here are the steps to play java games on a smartphone. For running JAR-packaged JAVA programs, there is a JAR application or JAR game simulator named J2ME Loader. Read the following steps to understand the application, with immediate effect.

1. Open PlayStore and download J2ME Loader.

2. After you are done downloading and installing the app, watch out for the ‘+ button‘ /’Add button‘ at the lower right corner.

3. Open your phone’s file manager and select the JAR program you desire and adjoin to the application.

4. Tap the installed JAVA program, for e.g: Assasin’s Creed(as per your choice).

5. Personal habits are displayed in default. With those personal habits, you can set and also manage the environment of the JAVA program which includes aspect ratio, screen size, and likewise, according to the user.

Before playing java games on android here is J2ME loader settings need to be done.
J2ME Loader screen

After using this for so long now, I am very much satisfied with the result.

Features of J2ME Loader:

There are certain qualities of the J2ME loader that I would like to share. This is the list of my own observations and its specialties.

list of java games on android. .Jar Games list on J2ME loader
List of Games in J2ME Loader

– This java games simulator is capable of supporting most 2D and 3D games smoothly, as promised.

– There is recent support for Bluetooth, just is the cherry on the cake.

– Supports multiplayer.

-It is still an open-source software(computer software available for modification by licensed programmers). 

List of Top Java Games to Play on Android

These are some of the top Java Games you can play on android. These Java games are popular world-wide and quite entertaining to play. All of these games can be played by using J2ME loader as mentioned above.

1. Gangstar Rio City Of Saints APK

Gangstar Rio City Of Saints APK (Java Android Game)

2. Driver San Francisco APK

Driver San Francisco APK  .jar game

3. Asphalt 6 Adrenaline APK

Asphalt 6 Adrenaline APK (Java Android Game)

4. Prince of Persia 4 APK

Prince of Persia 4 APK v3.1.2 (Java Android Game)

6. Ben 10: Vengeance of Vilgax APK

Ben 10: Vengeance of Vilgax APK (.jar Android Game)

7. Ice Age 4 APK

Ice Age 4 APK (Java Android Game)

8. Avatar APK

Avatar APK (Java Android Game)

9. Assassin’s Creed III APK

Assassin's Creed III APK (Java Android Game)

I hope this information reduces your time to find the right type of simulator and help you have fun with your ride to the nostalgiac city of Java Games. Now Play the Java Games on Android without any delay.

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