How to Play Contra Game Online

How to Play Contra Game Online

Unquestionably many of you guys had played the contra game once in your childhood. Contra game was absolutely remarkable, with the signature character moving from multiple terrains and landscapes makes his way to enemy territory.

There were multiple roadblocks that always made the journey full of thorns that always made you lose the few life you get. With every life gone, your chances of getting closer to the Dragon had gone down, and unfortunately,


Since those days, multiple years passed, and numerous games might have moved from your gaming inventory to the crap. But, As a gamer, the experience and thrill to play the Contra Game always stay alive.

For newbies, and some casual gamers, the game is still a mystery and bring some relief from the everyday hectic schedule. The game itself such a big entertainer, whether it is shooting characters, or saving yourself from numerous hidden threats. The relentless experience is completely unrivaled.

If you’re a Pro gamer want to relive the moments again with the contra game, or a naive player just spends some great time enjoying the battlefield. There could be no stopping as the iconic adventure game contra is back. And, this time you can play contra game online.

How to Contra game online?

Playing contra on your laptop online is utterly easy, provided the condition, that you have a fast internet connection. To summarize how can you play the game online. Here are the essential system requirements:

  • A fast gaming processor
  • Fast Internet connection
  • Latest Flash Player
  • Joystick (recommended for best gaming experience)
  • Keyboard (In case you don’t have joystick)

After you meet these requirements, you can start playing the phenomenal arcade game. For uninterrupted experience, choose the timing which suits you the best. The evening or night time is perfectly suitable to enjoy a great experience.

Where to Play the Game?

Playing the game online is pretty easy. Just head up to the website

And, search for contra game. You might see the window out there.

You will see the gameplay running If you had an adobe flash player installed. If not you can install it.

After it just clicks the big arrow on the dark window.

Use the shift key to Choose between the multiplayer option

After selecting your choice. Just hit the enter button.

To shoot the enemy use ‘Z’ Key

To jump use the ‘X’ Key

To move the player use the arrow keys, and to shoot sideways, like to shoot in southwest direction- Press the left and down key together. And, Similarly for every other direction.

There are no other keys required.

Tips to complete the levels:

Just make your way slowly through the level-1 Jungle and just shoot the enemies first, then move further, Avoid tanks on walls, immediately blast them off with your gun. Also, you can skip and move them further as fast as you can.

Just keep taking that different firepower that flies over the head in drum shape items or some time on walls. It will allow you to take down enemies in quick ways.

To kill the Dragon. Just make sure you’re in the right position. And hit it on the red glowing light. Don’t go much closer. Unless you will lose the life easily. Just keep firing and you will see it finished lethally in moments.

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