How to Play Call of Duty Like a Pro

How to Play Call of Duty Like a Pro

Multiplayer Battle Royale games like PUBG, Call of Duty, Free Fire have drastically transformed the gaming sector in recent years. As of August 2020, Call of Duty had over 75 million players and counting. This game’s skyrocketing player base is clear proof that it is giving a cut-throat competition to its rivals.

Just like other games, COD is packed with trailblazing graphics, powerful gameplay, and high FPS. All these aspects are the key attractors. Although some of the audience describes it as a game with no depth, it is the game for which a tournament was organized, and the winning prize was 1 million.

Now, why is this game so popular, and what does it take to be a pro in it? Let’s find out!

1. Play Call of Duty Like a Pro!

If you are a noob and stepping into COD’s social playing, you will not survive for long. Within minutes, you may find yourself being killed by an opponent you may not even see. In short, playing the multiplayer version of the game can turn out to be frustrating for you.

This doesn’t imply that you cannot survive at all. If you have the proper knowledge of the game, you can learn to be competitive at it. However, it will take time!

Here we have compiled some of the prime aspects you need to excel at to keep your performance on the charts.

2. Communication is the Key

Communication is the key to effective gameplay. However, the communication in gaming is a bit different. By talking to your teammates during the game, you can learn a lot and also increase the chances of winning.

How is it different? You can use fewer words to tell more. For instance, the phrase ”one absolute” can be used to convey that the health of the target is minimum and can be killed with one bullet. This makes communication one of the pillar aspects of being a pro.

3. Knowledge of Maps

Almost all battle royale games have maps. So, to be a pro at it, you need to know which locations have more enemies and which ones have more weapons and ammunition.

In COD, maps and communication almost go hand in hand. If you know the maps, you can easily warn your team members about the frequency of enemies if you get shot at any location. Yes, it will take time, but you will surely outrun your rivals with average shooting skills with proper knowledge of maps and effective communication.

4. Be Patient! Take Pro Help

You see an enemy, wait! Don’t just go and shoot! It can even be a trap. This may seem like a hypothetical situation, but it is not. It is best to mind your surroundings before attacking.

As you are not alone in the game, it is always better to allow 2-3 seconds before you shoot an enemy. It will give you time to aim and find an area to hide after attacking. If, in any way, you failed to shoot, you will at least have cover to reload and retaliate. To master your aim, it is best to play warm-up matches with bots.

Having professional help with Cold War KD boosting can significantly improve your kill count. Therefore, don’t hesitate spending a few bucks to defeat opponents.

5. Formulate Fool-Proof Strategies

Each map of COD is different and will require a different strategy. When you have good knowledge of maps, you will be able to figure out the best strategies. As your competitors are also pros, you need to think as per their mind too. To keep your game competitive, it is best to have at least 3-4 strategies (there is always a Plan B).

6. Function as a Team Player

Your team is everything in a multiplayer COD game. Hence, it is best to do teamwork. Every player has a unique quality. One might be good at covering, one at shooting, and maybe one at spotting enemies.

So, you must stick to your team and its protocols all the time to win all the crucial and nail-biter games. The basic principle of teamwork is that you should be proficient in all game types of COD.