How to Make Game Videos Online

How to Make Game Videos Online

In just a few years, the world of video games has evolved from entertainment to gaming videos that are shared among friends to a global community. Many people watch game videos just as much as sports and sitcoms.

What Is A Game Video?

Streaming shows and binge-watching are cultural phenomena. Watching people play and master video games are also becoming the standard for the gaming community. People around the world are watching over others as they fight mutants in Free Fire and kill dragons in Skyrim. The games have reached a whole new level. Whether you Livestream or edit the gaming videos in your library, streaming game videos has become a massive business for many.

What Are The Biggest Benefits Of Creating A Game Video?

  • It will pay off  – Game fanfare has turned video games into spectator sports. If influencers tell us something, it means that fandom can be monetized. Creating high-quality videos using a professional gaming video editor and uploading them to YouTube can generate thousands and even millions of views, which can generate advertising revenue.
  • Attribution – We all seek our niche and attribution. The gamer world offers the same sense of community that some people find difficult to find in the real world. As the online network of game lovers grows, they break down fences and allow people to find friendships, connections, and, of course, game buddies.

Top 5 Types Of YouTube Game Videos

Looking at the global gaming market,  The highest-selling movie of 2014 to date, Transformers: Age of Extinction compared to the launch of the game “Grand Theft Auto V” reached almost the same revenue in the very first week of its release. According to the Guinness World Records, it has become the best-selling entertainment product in history, setting five more sales records in the process.

For YouTube and social media channels, gaming video is one of the most valuable and popular niches in the world’s second-largest search engine. After Music videos, YouTube game videos will be at the top of the list of most searched topics. The YouTube game community featuring some of the most famous top YouTubers is important to target very enthusiastic viewers who are actively searching for the latest game videos.

With the addition of the recently released gaming app to YouTube’s first subscription service, YouTube Red, consumers and marketers alike will be able to take root in the game and grow significantly in the coming months. The top types of YouTube game videos that drive views, traffic, and engagement today are:

1. Real play

There may be some variations, but playing videos on a real-time basis follows the YouTuber playing the game. It usually consists of video screen graphs, live commentary (often humorous), casual (no intention or purpose specified), or edited and planned to maintain quality levels. can. One of the most popular and long-standing categories of YouTube game videos, it allows potential video game consumers to see the experience before they buy.

2. Solution-based

These kinds of gaming videos are created with specific goals. This is to allow the viewer to progress in the game you are playing (for example, a complete side quest, a complete overview, character tweaks). While this type of video is primarily for hints, these can be humorous. Also called walkthroughs, these are usually created by older games that provided a great deal of information. YouTubers collect useful information from a variety of sources and advise viewers on how to achieve completion.

3. Reactions

Reaction Video is in many ways similar to YouTube’s opening video, which captures YouTuber’s first real-time reaction to gameplay. Game news and trailer reaction videos are also available. Although not strictly a review video (see the following YouTube game video below), some YouTubers give strong opinions based on the reaction of their first thoughts.

4. Reviews

When new games are introduced, many gamers visit YouTube to see video game reviews from reputable YouTube users before making a purchase decision. The review video is a comprehensive look at the game and aims to provide viewers with ideas on what to expect. As a result, review-style videos tend to be slightly higher quality and more informative than other types of YouTube game videos.

How To Create A Game Video

Step 1 – Accessing games and platforms

First, you need to find the game you want to share and create content with, and the game platform you want to use. Make sure you have audio commentary and proper video demonstrations.

Step 2 – Video Recording

A high-quality gameplay video recorder is essential for creating high-quality content. Most video creators use 4k cameras to deliver higher-quality clips and attract viewers’ attention.

Step 3 – Screen capture software

Next, you need to get screen capture software that you can share and conquer. This software records your screen in real-time, allowing you to focus on your video narration. The quality of the software can affect the look and feel of the game video and the amount of editing required later.

Step 4 – Audio Equipment

As a gaming video creator, your bread and butter is your audio narrative. If the gear is of poor quality, the viewer will move to another location. This is because it appears in the video. The higher the quality of your audio equipment, the better the quality of your video and the higher your audience retention rate.

Step 5 – An effective Games Video Editor                                            

Video editing is essential for all content producers, including game videos. Edit the video and remove unwanted clips to make it more eye-catching. A good gameplay editor ensures that your video is not lost in the ocean of content. An online video editor provides text and video styles that make game videos stand out.

Step 6 – Green screen

A green screen may be the one that creates or interrupts the video. if your video`s background is distracting, your audience engagement will suffer.

Strategies To Edit Gaming Videos

  1. Ensure your game runs flawlessly with no delays, lags, or glitches.
  2. Saturation and profile adjustment – After recording the game video, the next thing to check is to revisit the video editor to see if you can adjust the colors as needed. It may seem strange that even the slightest changes to the video will make it look attractive.
  3. When editing a video of a game, you can leave a lot of footage when shooting, just like making a movie. Trimming content is an integral part of the process. When something is dragged, no one likes it. If the video is high quality and too long, it can be difficult to upload and you may be wondering if you edit it properly.
  4. Transitions and Effects – The Game Video Editor allows you to add funky video transitions and effects, or split the footage into smaller clips.
  5. Posting a video without narrative audio requires the viewer to click Next. Keep in mind that the story is important because the high-quality narration and background music add certain energy and mood to the game video.

Tips To Make Great Game Videos

1. Choose a video template

It helps give your videos the personality they need to get their attention. If you’re looking for templates for social media or slideshow videos, you can completely customize your video.

2. Add game videos with text

Upload content first, and then personalize your text. You can enter any message and add customizable text to highlight different sections of the video or add context to your game. Add your favorite text styles to make your text stand out.

3. Add music to your game video

Add music to make your video even more impressive. You can choose from a wide range of licensed songs. Use music filters to find songs in your Instagram story

4. Edit it professionally

Finally, it’s time to connect everything. After placing the video clips, lyrics and music, try adding video styles. Video styles are a set of transitions, backgrounds, and effects that can make your game video stand out.

5. Double-check and complete the process

Press the play button in the lower-left corner to preview the video. When you’re comfortable, export the video and embed it in your website or email. If you want to change it later, all videos created will always be saved in your account.


Various tools are available today to create great gaming videos without the need for any experience or expertise. Use a user-centered platform that makes the video everyone envisions a reality. You can quickly create content that attracts attention and promotes engagement on social media. You can create these videos from anywhere like a pro. Browse through a multitude of available video templates for inspiration and start making your gaming videos today.