How to Level Up Fast in Fornite?

How to Level Up Fast in Fortnite?

What adds more thrill to a game? The sole factor is progress!!

If the game does not evolve over time, at some point, it becomes boring for the players. Hence, the developers of Fortnite integrated various ways for the players to level up in the game to keep them motivated and engaged. Moreover, the news of the launch of the video calling feature by Fortnite Houseparty has also triggered interest among the gaming communities.

Now, many of you must be having this question about how to level up fast in Fortnite? If yes, then you, my friend are on the right page. So, let’s take you through some tips and tricks so that you can level up fast in Fortnite.

4 Top Ways to Level Up Fast in Fortnite

So, here are some tested methods to level up like a boss in Fortnite. As season 2 of the game is new, it may get difficult for newbies to navigate without the correct language. You can check out our post for changing language in Fortnite.

  1. Now, Battle Pass helps you Skyrocket XP

In the earlier versions of the game, the players were required to buy the battle pass for completing the missions and daily challenges. However, it is not the case anymore. In the recent update, the player can take on new missions every week without spending a penny and get mouthful results. Trust me, it can be around 52k XP per challenge.

level up fast in Fortnite
  1. Seeking help from friends can help you boost XP

You must be wondering how is this possible? Well, if you turn on the Party Assist feature in the game, it can be done. With the party assist feature, when you get stuck on a challenge, you can get the help of your crewmates to complete it. Moreover, turning ON this feature will make your entire team’s progress count towards that specific challenge.

Note: You can get your team to work on one challenge at a time.

  1. Daily Challenge: The Symbol of Hope

Just like any other game, Fortnite also has a daily challenge feature. In this, you will get daily challenges varying from 1 to 3. And, completing these challenges can earn you heavy rewards such as over 500XP per challenge. Don’t forget to check out ping in the game while challenging players, so you know they are not cheating. Moreover, it is extremely easy to complete these challenges as the tasks are like:

  • Searching for chests
  • Eliminating opponents
  • Catching items

And others! Moreover, if you don’t like a challenge, you can change it by clicking on Replace Challenge. Find the one that suits you and get the XP easily.

  1. Target those Punch Cards to level up swiftly

Punch Cards are a golden deal that you can leverage to boost your experience points and level up quickly in the game. The Punch Cards in Fortnite contain various tasks for the players to complete and each completion earns them a heavy bonus XPs. The awarded XP for season 2 Punch Cards can be around 14k.

Note: There are a total of 55 Punch Cards in season 2.

You can employ any of these methods to get the best out of Fortnite and rise up to higher levels. Moreover, taking and shaking down a Henchmen to open doors can also earn you experience points and will also work as a way to boost your game progress.

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