How to Kick Bots in CS: GO?

How to Kick Bots in CS: GO?

Gaming can be very irritating when there are simulated elements in it. Just like backseat gaming, the simulated elements, aka Bots, can hamper your smooth and interactive gaming experience.

Do you know: Bots are also known as NPCs (Non-Player Characters).

Now, if you play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, you must be aware of those nerve teasing elements that distract you while practising aim, or learning a map. Earlier, they used to be easy to play against, but as per the recent update released by Valve, they have been transformed. Valve has sharpened their aim and has made them way better. Thus, making them annoying as well as a bit powerful.

So, this leaves the players with the question of how to kick bots in CS: GO? If you are also one of those players who hang up their game, just because you are tired of the bots in it, then this post will be the kryptonite for your bot problem. Check it out!

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Proven Ways to Kick Bots in CS: GO

Well, we know you are excited to get a nuisance free gaming experience, but you have to undertake some simple steps for that.

Just like we discussed in our recent article how to check FPS in CS: GO, you first need to activate the Developer Console option in the game settings. Here is how to do it:

  1. Go to Options followed by the Game Settings tab. Look for the Enable Developer Console option.
Kick Bots In CS: GO settings
  1. Click on it, and a drop-down will open. Choose “Yes”, and the Developer Console will be enabled.

Post enabling Developer Console, you need to run it to type in the commands. So, the default key that you can use to bring up the developer console option is “~”. However, you can also set any other key for doing the same.

Command Executing in CSGO Screenshot
Developer Console in CS: GO, Source: Youtube, Credits: Scoby Tech

The “~” key will open up a console where you can run commands. And to kick bots in CS: GO, you need to run the commands described below in systematic order:

mp_limitteams 1This command is to make sure that the kicked out bots do not re-join the game.
mp_autoteambalance 0This command will refrain the NPCs in the game from auto-balancing.
bot_kickThis master command will kick out all the bots.

Note: Use bot_kick t command to kick out all the bots on the terrorist side and bot_kick ct on the anti-terrorist side.

The screen will show a message saying ”Player BOT ___ Left the game (Kicked by Console)”. This means that your commands worked.

If you feel anytime that you need the bots back in the game, type in the following commands:

  • bot_add t
  • bot_add ct

These commands will only work if you are on a private server, not on a server browser.

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