How to Follow and Unfollow Someone on Twitch

How to Follow and Unfollow Someone on Twitch

When do you unfollow someone?

Well, I would probably unfollow someone if he or she is inactive or I don’t have time to watch their content. Other than that, there are many reasons for which people might follow and unfollow someone on Twitch. Earlier, we discussed how to unblock and block someone on twitch. Now, we will drill down further on how to follow and unfollow someone on twitch.

Here are some of the common reasons for which people unfollow streamers on Twitch:

  1. If the schedule of streamer or the viewer changes and they cannot catch up with the content.
  2. The content produced by the streamer is boring and does not resonate with the users anymore.
  3. Controversial comments made by streamer or viewers that you do not want to acknowledge.
  4. Follow for a follow situation.
  5. Growth of streamer may lower direct conversation with the viewers and thus can be a reason for unfollowing.

Besides, if you have been using Twitch for a long time, it is best to clean up your account once in a while and look for fresh channels.

So, the question that arises here is how one can follow or unfollow someone on Twitch. Let’s move to the next section to know!

The Procedure to Follow and Unfollow Someone on Twitch

If you want to unfollow someone for any reason, here are the simple steps to do it on your phone.

  1. Login in your Twitch account and tap on the “Following” tab on the bottom left corner of the screen.
  1. It will reveal all the followed channels of yours, both offline and online.
  2. Now, look for the channels you want to unfollow, you can also search for it if you know the name.
  3. Tap on the channel that you want to unfollow.
  4. If the channel streamer is online, the purple heart will not be visible to you.
  1. To view that, tap on the live stream of the streamer and then tap on the purple heart icon towards the left of the screen. Remember, not to confuse it with purple verification badge.
  1. The phone will pop up a box for confirmation as ”Unfollow XYZ”, tap “Yes” and you are done.

Similarly, if you want to follow the same channel,

  1. Search for the channel on Twitch.
  2. Go to the channel page and tap on the purple heart button with “Follow” text. It should be towards the centre-right of the screen.
  1. Now, you are following the respective channel.

How to Unfollow or Follow Someone on Twitch (PC)

If you are using Twitch on your PC, the process of unfollowing someone is almost similar. Here is how you can do it:

  1. Log in to your Twitch account. Earlier, we also discussed how to get twitch prime without amazon.
  2. Click on the “Following” tab on the top left corner of the screen.
  1. Choose the channel you want to unfollow.
  2. On the channel screen, you will see a white heart just near the subscribe button and the bell icon.
  3. When you hover over that heart, it will display “Unfollow” and the heart will be broken.
  1. Click on the heart to unfollow. Post this, the heart will become an empty one with a purple background with the text “Follow”.
Follow And Unfollow Someone On Twitch

To follow someone on Twitch while using it on PC:

  1. Go to the channel you want to follow.
  2. Find the heart icon with a purple background.
  3. Click on that heart. It will turn into a white one and the Follow text will disappear.
  4. Now, you are following the respective channel.

Wrap Up!

If you are no longer viewing channel or you don’t want to be a part of any controversy on a channel, you can unfollow that channel easily. The detailed steps will easily guide you in following or unfollowing someone.

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