How To End Warmup In CSGO

CSGo How to End Warm UP

Do you play any multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games?

If you do, you must have experienced the warmup time getting on your nerves. And not just one time but every time a new round begins.

CSGO is also one of those games that also have this annoying warmup time aspect. Though it is not irrelevant, it sometimes becomes teasing for the players.

The warmup time in CSGO can be as little as 15 seconds and can go over 1 minute. So, it can be a perfect way to disrupt someone’s mind just like Bots in CSGO.

As this depends on the server, you cannot do anything or CAN YOU????

If you are reading this, you can skip this warm time in CSGO !!

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Let us explore some quick and easy ways to eliminate the infuriating warmup in CSGO.

Genuine Methods To End Warmup in CSGO

Okay, so here we are!! To end warmup in CSGO, you need to run some commands in CSGO. And for that, you need to bring up the Developer Console. As described in the previous article How to show FPS in CSGO, the process of enabling the Developer Console is simple.

  • Choose Options followed by the Game Settings tab.
  • Post that, look for the Enable Developer Console option and turn it to “Yes”.
How to end End Warmup In CSGO settings to follow

Now, as the Developer Console option is enabled, you can bring up the console screen by pressing the “~” key. This is the default key, although you can also open this screen by setting another key as a shortcut.

Once you have the console screen in front of you, you can leverage the following commands to end warmup in CSGO:

  1. To end warmup in the current match: mp_warmup_end
  2. Use this command to shorten the warmup time before the game: mp_warmuptime seconds
  3. This command is a part of the previous one: mp_warmuptime 10. the number 10 specifies the time you can reduce the warmup time.
  4. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive also has some innovative console commands that you can use apart from the above described. One of them is mp_endwarmup_player_count players.

This command is used to end warmup in CSGO when the mentioned number of players have joined the game; for example, mp_endwarmup_player_count 5 command will end warmup when 5 players have joined the game.

So, you can leverage the power of these commands to get rid of that boring warmup time before the game and hit the game straight. Don’t forget to check your trust factor in the game which is vital to stay competitive in th game.