How to Check CSGO Trust Factor

How to Check Trust Factor in CSGO

The popular first-person shooter CS:GO is known for its intricate matching system designed to give players the best possible experience. This experience is designed with a lot of components and twists. A mysterious factor that makes the gameplay interesting is  Trust Factor that is used in this to pair players with similar interests and skills. This Trust Factor however has left many individuals scratching their heads. And it is as complicated as checking fps in CSGO. When and how it is used, and why does it matter in gameplay? To answer all of those questions regarding CSGO trust factor, Let’s delve deeper into the topic.

Understanding CSGO Trust Factor

Before we get into how to evaluate your Trust Factor, you must have a firm grasp of why it’s important. Valve (developers of this game) originally implemented this matching mechanism in 2017 in response to the challenge of linking players based on characteristics more than merely skill level. Instead, it considers the player’s actions, such as how often they report, how long they play, and how old their account is. This factor presented a more all-encompassing strategy for enhancing the game’s overall atmosphere. Valve warned gamers in 2017 that they would get warnings if matched with friends with greater Trust Factors than they had. These alerts suggest that the participants’ actions and strategies may differ.

How to Check CSGO Trust Factor

Unlike other in-game features, CS:GO does not have a direct “Trust Factor meter.” However, there are indirect methods to assess your standing:

  1. Writings on the Wall

One of the primary indicators is the in-game message alerting players when their Trust Factor is significantly lower than their friends. If you or your friends receive this message, it’s a sign of a mismatch in Trust Factors.

  1. Feedback from Friends

Another subjective measure is to compare experiences with friends. If they consistently have better matchmaking sessions or if you find yourself being matched against players who frequently get reported, your Trust Factor may be low.

What Factors Influence CSGO Trust Factor

The creators of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO), Valve, have been notoriously cagey about explaining how the Trust Factor rating is calculated. This has been the subject of conjecture and is a safeguard against players abusing the system. Valve has yet to make public a full accounting of the components that go into determining your Trust Factor, but public statements, player comments, and the Steam Community Guide all point to a few likely candidates.

  1. Premier Status

One of the clearest indicators is premier status, often known as prime status. Connecting a player’s phone number to their account allows them to gain this status whenever they achieve a certain level in the game. It was originally conceived to separate players who have invested more time into the game from those who still need to provide a more satisfying matching experience for the former group. In a nutshell, being at the top of one’s field indicates more reliability.

  1. Hours Played

The total time you’ve spent playing is also a consideration. People assume that a player who has put in hundreds or thousands of hours on CS:GO is not smurfing or cheating since they are less likely to have a “throwaway” account.

  1. Account Age

If your Steam account needs to be updated, you must be a dedicated user of the service and its games. It’s not only about how old someone is; it also depends on the range of games they play and the manners they display. Longevity as a problem-free member of the Steam community is a strong indicator of reliability.

How to Improve CSGO Trust Factor

Although the exact formula remains Valve’s secret, there are universally accepted ways to improve your Trust Factor:

  1. Participate More

The more you use your account and the longer you’ve used it, the better off you’ll be. In general, the Trust Factors of active and long-standing accounts are greater.

  1. Take It Like a Sport

Steer clear of toxic behavior such as trolling, verbal abuse, or purposely losing games on purpose. If someone constantly reports you, their Trust Factor will gradually decrease.

  1. Diversify Activities you do on Steam. 

Valve monitors your behavior across all their games and services, so the more you do, the better. Your Trust Factor in CS:GO might be improved by having a well-rounded and pleasant presence on Steam.


The Trust Factor, which Valve developed, is a brilliant concept that tries to improve the CS:GO matching experience by fostering technical expertise, honesty, innovations, and good sportsmanship. You can learn how to warm up in CSGO, you can explore this article. Understanding its complexities and the factors that might affect it is the key to having more successful dating encounters, even though it may appear mysterious to you. 

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For a more visual guide on understanding CS:GO’s Trust Factor, consider watching this comprehensive video on YouTube