What is the highest mountain in Fortnite: Chapter 2?

What is the highest mountain in fortnite

Fortnite saw its first public appearance on 21 st July 2017.

Soon it gathered enough limelight to win the Teen Choice Award for Choice Video Game.

As one can expect, this fame came from Fortnite’s widespread availability on platforms such as Xbox One, iOS, Classic Mac OS, Nintendo Switch, Android, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4. It is why it is streamable across the world, sometime it can be slow in different regions or servers, make sure to check ping on fortnite.

For those who play Fortnite, you have known how many mountain peaks you have to cross.

After battling out with zombies in Fortnite, mountains are there for another challenge.

At the very beginning of Season 2, it becomes inevitable that you reach the highest mountain in Fortnite game. But it is seen that you guys haven’t still figured it out yet – how to reach and cross the highest mountain in Fortnite.

Steps to get to the Tallest Mountain in Fortnite?

The topmost mountain peak in the fortnite game is Mount Kay.

Scroll down to go through the detailed guide to find the exact spot in the game and all the instructions to reach there eventually.

To trace the highest point on the mountain, you have to follow a few definite steps to reach it.

1) Stage one consists of you to reach level 1.

2) Stage two expects you to complete the three tasks given to you.

3) For the next movement you have to obtain the journey suit.

4) With the possession of the suit, you will be capable of climbing the highest mountain.

The Location of the Tallest Mountain in Fortnite

It is not as difficult as the previous ones, like spots at Polar Peak.

  1. The map of the highest peak will be available only after you complete season 1.
  2. The Lazy Lake has its origins on the northwest side of the mountain.
  3. After you are among the high mountains, you will find an enormous orange flag on the top.

What is the highest mountain in Fortnite and how to reach it?

After you reach Fortnite Chapter 2 completing Season 1, you need to complete a Mission named “Alter Ego”.

The game’s new map points out the highest peak, The Mount Kay. 

You will have to reach its apex. The mountain top could be located in the south-east, in a small biome. You can undoubtedly locate it from the battle bus. All you to do is look out for the gas canisters and the orange flag that will be visible around in the area.


After reaching the highest peak, you are rewarded with a new skin. And the level would be considered complete once when you turn you skin on. The minute you land on your spot, your character will automatically wear the JOURNEY VS HAZARD skin.

That is the new Hazard version that you receive as your Battle Pass Reward. It actually requires the completion of two more challenges given prior to the immediate one. Earlier, we discussed about how to show ping in fortnite game, you can use that guide to check technical issues while playing.

Complete your challenge by wearing the suit and explore the highest point in Fortnite. Now, it is time to challenge your friends and invite them for thrilling bumpy ride. Found the article helpful?

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