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Here is how to Setup Gameloop best settings for 60 fPS

Playing games on android is fun. Due to evolving tech, fast and high end performing processors has made it even more thrilling. But, the PC gaming has its own fun and essence that is unmatchable to mobile gaming. Earlier, we discussed how you can play java games on android and PC. Now we will take it forward using gameloop emulator.

When we think of running android applications or playing games on a PC or laptop, what comes to mind is android emulators. Various software offers android emulation for PC with better performance and greater compatibility.

However, we suggest you get your hands on the Gameloop android emulator for PC that makes the best alternative to the Bluestacks. Therefore, we are here to guide you with the basic settings that can increase the game performance and improve lag up to 60 FPS.

Yet, if you want to ensure what the emulator offers its users before delving into the quick steps, this article can help you here.

What does Gameloop Android Emulator offer?

Gameloop is one of the best android emulators that proves to be one of the best gaming buddies. It offers an emulation software with greater compatibility and performance level. You can even play large-sized games like PUBG, free fire, or even Call of duty that are mobile applications in actuality.

Yet, you can play on your PC with mouse and keyboard controls through this emulator.

Above all, it is free of cost software that offers high-quality graphics, lag-free gameplay with a performance level of 60 FPS

Sounds good, right?

How to Set-up Gameloop 60 fps for Increased Performance?

Following is a quick guide that can enable you to set your Gameloop for 60 FPS performance. Follow the steps and see the change.

If you want to learn more then you can check how to get more fps in PUBG mobile game.

Step1: Install up-to-date Gaming application

First of all, you have to download the Up to date version of Gameloop on your PC if you do not have one. Along with this, make sure that you have installed the real gaming application of your preferred game from the Gameloop store. It can save the storage of your running device and can also affect the performance of the application.

Step#2: Now go to Gameloop Settings

From here begins the real work. Go to the gameloop setting center, and you will see two options at the left row: Basic and engine.

Basic settings:

For basic settings, you have to mark tick only on the option of hide advanced watermark while disabling the other three options. On the same page, at the bottom, click on the download priority mode for downloading. It can increase the speed of both your network and game.

Engine settings:

In this, enable the Directx or openGL. The remaining engine settings are set as a default, and you do not have to change them. Mark the anti-aliasing as close, set the memory and processor as your RAM’s size and the processor cores. Other than this, you can change the resolution if your game is lagging, otherwise set it as a default.

In-game settings:

You also have to set the game settings to ensure an increment in speed. Mark the resolution as high and go for smooth display quality to play the lag-free game with 60 FPS performance.

Step#3: Enable FPS Display and Play

For keeping your game FPS in check, you can enable the FPS display on the emulator home screen from the triple bar icon on the top right. It will allow you to check your game performance and keep the lagging in-check.

Yes, you have done the Gameloop settings for 60 FPS performance. Now, enjoy any game that you want and play.

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