how to play game of life complete guide with game rules

Here is how to play the Game of Life

After being released in Nov 2015, the Game of Life has mostly been receiving positive reviews from the fans. Hence, gamenvoy has brought you how to play the Game of Life.

About the The Game Of Life Game

This splendid game that mingles digital Cards, Boards, and Spinner game is risky as well as adventurous. The game has two modes-the single-player and the multiplayer mode. The two modes indulged as many as two to six players all together.

Game of Life
Modes in Game of life

The user would finally ultimately taste triumph or secure an embarrassing defeat- these two outcomes remains a focal point of the game. The game provides you with the save and resume game options to make it easy for the users.

Along with English, there are several other languages that the game is available as well. If you intend on downloading the Game of life game, then go ahead by clicking the button below.

Before the game begins, each player has to make a choice for career. This eventually starts with selection to get a degree with the help of a college. You need to know that either of these decisions would dramatically change the entire game course for the future. So, choose it wisely.

Selecting Players in Game of Life -Screenshot

Once you choose a college, it puts you with a liability of $40,000 at the very beginning. It has three career and salary earning options to offer you, along with a few special career options.

However, the option to start a career and getting a salary is limiting to one only, but without debt.

Important Rules for the Game of Life

1) Whether you are in real life or in the game, the first rule is always to pay your debts accordingly and on time.

Journey of Game of Life - Start Up Screen

2) Pay for $10,000 houses or collect the insurances you need from banks to re-pay them. At the very beginning, you can even get involved in purchasing stocks.

3) You should always respect a stop space in game.

4) The police officers, on the board are provided only one career space. They collect $5,000 from any player who gets 10, but the player has to be caught before the next spin.

5) Life spaces are the symbols of a special event, the green space gives the liberty to collect your salary from the bank as you pass it. The orange spaces can be named as common spaces with instructions for you and the blue spaces are additional tasks.

6) Life tokens can be only viewed after you take the retirement.

How to Play the Game of Life?

Wheel in Game of Life
Wheel in Game of Life

1) If you choose to start a career, you have to keep both the career and salary card unless the card says that you require a college degree. Your career may not be a smooth and steady graph rising up as your folks.

how to play Game of Life

2) Drive your car forward in your life with the help of the wheel as directed and spin to receive a number. The decision to retire at either Millionaire Estates or Countryside Acres rests on you till the end of the game.

3) If you feel you lack that much money and are unwilling to take any chance, then retiring at the Countryside Acres maybe the best option for you. This safeguards the tokens you already have and allows you to collect an extra token while retiring.

4) If you think you are daring enough to risk with 4 life tokens of the mansion itself, go with Millionaire Estates. Holding a higher amount of money than your fellow mates is necessary here to do that.

After the retirement of every player, the rule is that everyone counts their total amount. After counting and summing up all the money and the life tokens, the wealthiest one becomes the ultimate winner!

So whats the wait? Try out this incredible life game and test your luck and skills, NOW!

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