How To Get Twitch Prime without Amazon Prime account?

Twitch prime

With the advent of Twitch, it become the biggest hub for gamers and online streamers. Nonetheless, Twitch being the leading stream platform with over 15 million regular active users and benefactors.

The Twitch partner provides side income to earn real money through its streaming and watching videos. It may be a video streaming platform but since with time, it has expanded its horizons ad is not limited to gaming only. In 2014, Twitch was bought by the Amazon, and by the current year 2020, it has been a direct source of living for many.

As per Gamenvoy reports, it is quite impressive to engage in eSports, chats with fellow mates, and even to follow your favorite gamer.

Enable twitch prime
Twitch Prime

Amazon Prime users might be smiling here for they have a free premium membership already from Twitch. By clicking on to the link given below, it might help them in connecting their account to their existing Amazon Prime account.

If Amazon Prime is not available in your country, then you can also Log In with the purchase of Prime Video. However for my friends without the Amazon premium, there is nothing to worry about!

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How to get Twitch Prime without Amazon account?

Follow these simple steps to get access to Twitch Prime!

1. Log In to Twitch Tv

2. Look out for the top bar for Try Prime, else click on the top right corner crown option for Start Your Free Trial.

how to get twitch prime
Twitch TV

3. Click on the Activate Twitch Prime.

Activating Twitch Prime
Activating Twitch Prime

4. After getting in, follow the given instructions when asked for it.

5. Give your payment option, as and when required.

6. Signing up for an Amazon Prime will need a monthly subscription fee as well as for signing into Prime Video Membership for Twitch Prime.

From exclusive access to certain games to Member chat option, ad-less Twitch broadcast to discounts on physical copies, you can have it all here!

Subscribe to Twitch Prime now and enjoy your membership in the coolest gaming hub and be connected to the world!

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